Recommend high gain pedals that play well with high output humbucking pickups

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by JES, Aug 15, 2016.

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    The title says it all. I'm looking for blistering distortion or fuzz that will still be able to give me a serious volume bump even with a high output MFD split coil humbucker in front.

    My Silicon b:assmaster sounds great but full up doesn't always give me the boost I need in a mix. I think it prefers alnico P pickups.

    My Idiot Box Blower box is not quite high enough distortion at full out but has more boost on tap even with my insanely hot pickup output. If I could mate that with a Heavy Metal Pedal or something, we'd be golden.

    Yes, I could turn volume on my bass down, but I actually like what happens to the sound of the pickup in the last 25% of the turn when I'm not using overdrive or fuzz, which is most of the time. Something cool happens in the midrange.

    For a bit of overdrive on top of what my amp provides, the Xotic BB preamp has been great for me.

    If you play with high output pickups--ceramic Delanos, G&L MFDs, EMGs, whatever, I would love to know what you're using for really over the top distortion with lots of good mids and no low end loss.

  2. I play an 80's Carvin with high output humbuckers and it can be a bit of a challenge to get a full on drive that still offers a good boost. My search was ended when I got the newer version of the Fuzzrocious BDPG with the added gain stage. All told it has 3 gain stages and an excellent tone stack. I have an xp gain pedal (xotic EP style) that pushes it over the top into barely controlled feedback mode. Sadly it was a limited production item but the do turn up used from time to time. Reverb has this one right now with a nekkid box and the full peen artwork. Fuzzrocious Broke Dick Peanut Gallery 2015
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