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Recommend me a good SS guitar amp

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by rabid_granny, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. I tried posting this at Talkguitar.com but everytime I tried, 10 other guitarists would post over my thread. :D

    I'm thinking about getting a guitar combo amp because I don't like playing guitar out of my bass amp (it's no Fender Bassman). Besides, it comes in handy when I need to lend a guitar to a friend.

    Okay, here's the criteria:

    - Solid State (I hate maintenance plus I don't want my overdrive pedal to go to waste.)
    - ~50 watts
    - A combo
    - Reliable
    - Decent tone
    - Inexpensive (=<$500 CDN or $300 US used)
    - Something common (so I can buy it cheap off the used market!!!) :D :D :D
    - Does not suck (Very important!)

    One possibility is the Roland JC120 which is supposed to be the cleanest guitar around. I like that. I could buy an 80's JC120 from someone for $550 CDN. But I don't want to spend that much on a guitar amp. I'd rather spend that on bass gear. Looking for something cheaper.




  2. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Do you need it just to practice with or are you going to be gigging with it?

    Roland has a cool mini stack. It's 25w into 8 4" speakers. It's pretty freakin' loud and it sounds really good for ss.

    But I don't think you can beat the JC for ss amps.
  3. I was thinking something that I could gig with - something that would be compatible with the 200W Yorkville 15" Combo ;) that I got recently.

    I'd prefer a combo because it's more portable. I'm a bassist first and a guitarist eighth or ninth.

    I've heard how good a JC120 is (even played out of one once - sooooo nice...) but I wonder if there is anything cheaper.
  4. For me the JC120 is considerably overrated--I've always found it a bit flat and dull, at least when you're not using the chorus, which IMO is the best aspect of the amp. I'd look for a used Tech21 Trademark 60 if I were you, www.tech21nyc.com. Failing that, the Carvin SX series combos are actually pretty decent, www.carvin.com.
  5. :eek: there's that word again!
    the newer peavey studio line of combos is decent- my guiatrist was using one with our band for quite a while, and it was plenty. they're not really great quality though; i don't know many other guitar amps though, except for my dad's 2x12 fender chorus:cool:
  6. OK, OK, my bad.:oops:

    I should have said that I don't care for them,while in no way arguing that they can't be valid and beautiful and personally meaningful choices for those who like them.;)

    (I still think rabid_granny can do better.)
  7. just razzin' ya man. i guess is shoulda thrown in a :p or perhaps ;)
  8. Aw, I knew that. Just tweaking you back. No worries.
  9. There's always a boatload of Fender and Marshall amps going about. Peavey - that's a good one too, didn't think about that too.

    Carvin and Tech21 are really rare around here.

    What about Yamaha? Do you think they made a decent amp?

    I'm aware that I should actually try out these amps but I haven't developed the ear for guitar tones. Just trying to brainstorm and weed out the really really bad amps.
  10. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Man, I played an amp made by DOD some time ago and it was such an awesome amp. Unfortunatley, I don't remember what the model number of it was. It had such beautiful tone. (plus built it sound patches)

    IMO, all a guitarist needs to gig anyway, is a combo with 2 12's. I know if I was a guitarist, if I didn't have to haul a Marshal stack to a gig, I wouldn't.

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    The Roland Jazz Chorus is a great amp! I like the reverb, and the chorus is perfect. Terrible distortion though!
  12. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    i actually think fender's ss guitar amps are darn nice. the ultimate chorus is a good amp.

    line6 stuff would be the only ss guitar amp i'd buy though. an ax212 is one of my favorite amps, heavy as hell.

    i'd take a tube deal any day though. either a pignose g60v or a peavey delta blues 210 or...
  13. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    well i can make some suggestions.
    Any older Fender amps are really good.. you just cant get that whiney sound out of anything else.. so good. =D
    Marshal, I have a 30 watt Marshall that really just hauls a lot of ass, im a bassist 2nd, guitarist 3rd. Drummer 1st. That marshall is loud though, it has an 80watt Celestion in it, I doubt ill blow it, Ive only cranked it to about 5 on the overdriven channel and my ears were ringing for a minute or so.
    I got that for 200 american though.
    I use my bass amp for playing guitar mostly, and use the Gt-6. I played with that a bit today, It still doesnt' sound as good as my marshal )*%#%#. Trying to get a good guitar tone, is just as hard as getting a good bass tone. Specially if you play cheap basses =( =( =(. Well ill quit ranting and suggest something.

    A marshall 50 watt, The only difference between a marshall 50 watt and a marshall 100 watt.. is about a 3db differents.. (thats what im told)
    Fender amps, You might wanna check out Behringer too, its alright stuff. I haven't really played much of it though.
    Goodluck you foxy granny you..;) jk
  14. Davehenning


    Aug 9, 2001
    Los Angeles
    If you can find one used, the Line6 Flextone combos are versatile and not too expensive.

  15. Davehenning


    Aug 9, 2001
    Los Angeles
    but they are digital, not solid state. Sorry.

  16. Slater

    Slater Leave that thing alone. Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
  18. Harmony Central is my second-most visited site after TB - lots of reviews and information, taken with a grain of salt, of course.

    I may soften my stance on non-tubes if I can't find a decent solid-state amp that is used.

    Mostly Fenders and Marshalls here with the occasional Peavey et al.
  19. Bump. Just wondering if there are any more suggestions...

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