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Recommend Octave Pedal For Specific Purpose

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bgavin, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. I'm looking for an octave pedal recommendation for a specific playing purpose:

    1) Bass solos, up the neck (80 Hz and up)
    2) One octave lower than played fundamental
    3) Finger-style plucking, blues/rock music

    I'd like an octave pedal or rack unit that can track eighth or sixteenth-note single notes for bass solos. No slapping, popping, or chords. The intended range is Middle E (80 Hz) and higher. This would give me Low E (40 Hz) from the pedal.

    I have sufficient amplifier power and cabinets to hit 20 Hz, which would be 1 octave below Low E. I don't intend to play this low at all, but I can do it without damage.

    I'd like to achieve a full, non-muddy sound for bass solos, or times when it is only bass, drums, and flute/sax. I occasionally have gigs without a guitar player.
  2. Well, much has been said on this topic as I am sure you know. The general consensus seems to be that the EBS tracks most reliably and sounds very good; a real step up from the old stand-by the Boss OC-2. That said, there has been allot mentioned lately about the reliability of EBS products and now my octaver cuts out on occasion...make of that what you will. I find the analog octavers to be the "warmest" sounding but if you have no "issues w/ digital gear (I do..) the Unibass is also very popular? A different sound those pitch shifters; you either like 'em or not.
    I know this doesn't exactly fit yer criteria but the DBX 120XP is the damn finest box around IMO..I *love* mine, can't play w/o it. And..it's polyphonic(!) http://www.dbxpro.com/120XP.htm
  3. The dbx box is intriguing. I prefer rack mount gear anyway, but would like a foot switch to put the dbx in/out of the circuit. I also appreciate it having balanced lines.

    I'm not sure of your term "polyphonic". The PDF says it operates with a fundamental of 26 to 56 Hz, using an input signal of 54 ~ 110 Hz.

    I would like to use it without any crossovers. All I want is for it to add the octave-lower synthesis, and I'll let my crossover take care of it from there.

    Is the synthesized frequency exactly 1 octave below the fundamental?

    What does this box do when you play higher than 110 Hz. Nothing at all?

    Where does it connect? FX loop, or ?
  4. I use mine in the effects loop of my Mesa M-2000. I did use it in series at one pont as well..signal levels matched up just fine? I also used to switch it in and out via a GCX. No external switching of the bypass. has a button on the front panel. You could rig up something I'm sure.
    I do hear it fattening up my G-string riffs but I beleive that it mainly produces synthesis from notes below it's ceiling of 110hz. Not what you are specifically looking for I know.
    Polyphonic; not monophonic like yer average analog octave pedal? Complex chords, complicated riffing; no tracking gliches that I have EVER noticed. I keep mine on at all times.
    Don't think your crossover concern is really valid? Your signal is full range with a synthesized wave form blended in. It does have a built in X-over (80 or 120 hz) that you can engage and/or send your snthesized signal to a dedicated subwoofer out? This is very cool if you have say an active cab or something? I have done this for outside shows and it was marvelous. I refuse to biamp my main rig.
    This is a terrific box IMO and they have all been marked down to less than $199 to make room for some "new" model that seems just the same? Anyhoo..cheap cheap!
  5. I have four dedicated subwoofers and a PLX 3002 to push 'em. Yes, I always bi-amp. That is why I want the dbx to be able to bypass the crossover. Since it does, it is a non-issue.

    BTW there is a 120A on eBay right now.

    Is the 120A a cheapened version of the 120XP? Companies always seem to cheapen things... few actually make them better (Rane is the exception that comes to mind.)

    [ edit ]

    Doh! Now I see your meaning in polyphonic... the dbx will handle multiple, simultaneous notes (read: chords).
  6. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    I havn't checked to see if this has been mentioned so far but since it's on my mind......

    Everyone seems to infer that the OC-2 is analogue. I believe though that it is digital. I base this on the fact that when I switch the power supply to my pedals on it always defaults to an "effect on" status. The only other pedals I have experience of that do this are other Boss digital effects.

    Anyone confirm or deny?
  7. Jontom


    Mar 11, 2002
    New York
    Wasn't the OC-2 manufactured previous to digital effects? Unless they changed the "recipe" along the way it should be analog.
  8. i thought ALL boss pedals (atleast the new ones) were digital...
  9. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    I just looked through the owner's manual for the OC-2 that I bought a few months ago, and there's no mention of "digital" anywhere. So, I'm not too sure about this issue.

    I noticed the same "effect on" default for the OC-2 as mentioned by Mohawk Freak, but never got around to asking about it. The weird thing is that I have a Boss CEB-3 bass chorus in the same chain, and it doesn't default to "effect on" on power up.

    I have not had the opportunity to try an EBS octave pedal, but I do have a Boss octave pedal. I can attest that the Boss pedal sounds great and tracks very well for the price you pay (maybe $60+ or -, mailorder). It seems to do fine in keeping up with fast synchopated finger-style riffs and slapping patterns.
  10. The Boss and EBS are really apples and oranges IMO. The Boss has a fuzzy analog vibe that can be very cool but the tracking is rather sketchy. The EBS tracks _very_ well and is a tad more sterile which isn't a bad thing really. The switch on mine stopped working properly after not much use so you can make of that what you will.
  11. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    nice score on the dbx bgavin. I was watching that auchtion. 160 for the A is really good.
  12. Thanks. The 120A is now $199 new, so $159 is fair for used gear. There was 135 on the counter at the end, and I'm surprised nobody else was interested. Other dbx have drawn a large number of bidders. Fine with me, as it will be here on time for my 11/1 dance gig.
  13. It's weird that some people get tracking problems using OC-2s...with my Rickenbackers i'm able to get it to track down to even an F on the 4th. Obviously chords and long sustained notes still go awry.

    I tried the EBS before picking up the OC-2...yeah, somewhat more sterile, but the tracking was pretty fast, but not really enough to make a difference IMO. Price difference was a point too.

    What I dig about the OC-2 is the analogue-synth-like tone the effect gives, esp. when the direct mix is turned right down.
  14. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    I got an OC-2 a couple weeks ago from a friend who doesn't use it any more. IMO it tracks fine down to about A or Bb. If I go any lower than that it starts to warble and doesn't reproduce the octave clearly. I use it mainly for synth type of stuff, and it has the perfect sound for that.
  15. MXR Bass Octive

    I had this analog effect and was very pleased with it.Sorry,I`m not savy enough to give specifics as to
    tracking,etc.....just thought I would chime in.I sold mine due to the fact that I only rarely used it.Wish I still had it though as it got a nice strong sound out of that lil box.

    It has two dials:dry and octive.Nothing fancy but still a nice pedal.

  16. for a pedal effect the EH octave multiplexer is a fast tracker..fast funs are not a problem(sometimes I can get it to track Bflat on my Astring but handles B with ease)..and its "tuneable" high and low filters w\blend control make it pretty tweakable..I personally like it better than the boss, but like the boss it has a cool synthy kinda sound.works well in a synth set-up(oct.-env.fil-dist.)or blend in a small amount to fatten things up a bit...
  17. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    I saw that at that site, think tracking will be any good? It looks like a great design.
  18. I debuted the new DBX 120a sub-synth last night.



    This thing tracks flawlessly and adds an immense wall of double-bass sound when played through my subwoofers. Whatever note I played within its operating range, the dbx box tracked it faithfully. Very impressive.

    The only thing I wish it would do better, is track higher notes. It works in the 55 ~ 110 Hz range and cuts off very quickly and is entirely gone only a fret or two higher up. It would be nice to have the Bypass switch available as a foot switch rather than a push button on the rack mounted unit.

    I constructed a pair of XLR/TRS balanced cables, and it interfaced flawlessly with the rest of my balanced rack. No hum or other silly crap. Power is by standard computer type cable, and no wall warts.

    Thanks for Mad Subwoofer for the excellent recommendation for this gadget. It works well. The only thing that might make me trade it away is, if MSW's new stomp box toy works as well, but tracks higher up the scale. Then I would have both a foot operated control and higher tracking. But for now, the dbx is pretty hard to beat for what it does.
  19. Dare I say it? I told ya' so! Glad I could share my thrill and all out glee on finding this box; I just love mine!
    Does this mean we've made up now BG....?

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