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recommend shop to send bass for setup/minor repairs

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by andysvec, May 20, 2005.

  1. andysvec

    andysvec Supporting Member

    Can someone recommend a guitar shop to send my 1975 jazz for a good setup and some minor repairs? I'm on Guam, and the only luthier here was a Japanese guy that is off island for a while, so I need to mail it somewhere.

    It's a 1975 jazz that's basically all stock (I changed the pickguard but have the original black one that warped a bit, even have the original p-up cover & ashtray w/foam still attached). I had a fret dress about 10 years ago, and haven't played it much since then, so the frets are still great. But there's a few minor things I'd still like taken care of (2 of the tuners are really hard to turn, couldn't seem to adjust it out. Little bit of noise from the pots that I couldn't fix with cleaner, and a few of the screw holes/tuner and pickguard/are stripped so I put in some toothpick wood and would like to have correctly fixed). I'm the second owner, so I'd also like a luthier to look at everything and let me know what's original and what is not (like the pots/solder and wiring, screws, etc.). I'm pretty sure most everything is original, but I'd like to be 100% certain. Plus just get a good setup done on it.

    I want to get it in great shape and I'm looking to try and trade it for a sadowsky 5 or maybe sell it. I'd like a professional to set it up first and tackle any minor problems it may have so when I get rid of it I can have the piece of mind that it's in the best condition it can be.

    I was thinking maybe Michael Dolan, but I hear his shop is pretty busy (and pretty expensive). Just thought someone might know a good shop I can send it to for this work.

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