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Recommendations for a "second" bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Mazian, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Mazian


    Oct 26, 2018

    I recently tried bass after playing guitar for a while and enjoy it immensely so far.
    I got myself a cheap Harley Benton JB-75 jazz bass with the mindset that I wouldn't have lost a lot of money if I didn't like it.

    When it arrived, it had a few dings on the finish and the neck pickup was crooked. After investigating it turned out that one screw apparently broke when they installed the pickup and they left it and put another one in in a weird angle.
    I thought about sending it back, but I'd have to wait over a month for a new one and took a 30% discount instead.

    Long story short, I thought if I still like it in a few months I'd like to get a new bass.

    Complicating the matter is, that I'm a lefty.
    I usually buy something for the longer run straight away, because I learned in guitar that moving lefty gear is hard and I'll buy the better one anyway, cheaper to do it right away.

    Any suggestions what I should look for?
    I'd like a jazz bass, but am open to suggestions.
    To be clear, I'm not looking for a pro instrument, but something mid-rangey.


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