Recommendations for bridge muting material

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    I'm looking to try a bridge mute (like a foam one), but I'd typically prefer a McGuyver approach, rather than spending unnecessary cash. I just fiddle around at home, so it's not critical to spend the money for one, unless it's much better tonally. Which I doubt is the case. I typically like flats, so I'm generally going for the thump.

    What have you all used that's worked well for you? I'm thinking I can maybe get something at home depot?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. bholder

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    Thick dense foam (ie, door) weatherstripping would do it, and is conveniently adhesive on one side, just layer until you get the necessary height. It's usually the darker grey or black stuff, the light grey or other light colors are not dense enough.
  3. Bruce Johnson

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    Try experimenting with a small roll of cloth, like terrycloth that towels and washcloths are made of. Make a little roll, holding it together with a couple loops of string. Make it a diameter that slips between the strings and the body and stays in there by light friction. Then play around with the position of it; how close to the bridge it is. You'll probably find that moving the position of the roll will be a better way to adjust the damping effect than trying to work with the stiffness of the roll.
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  4. markoc


    Jan 6, 2014
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    This is what I generally use. I am currently using a "chore boy" dish sponge cut to size. I have been considering installing the felt mutes that came with my avri j bass. fender-jazz-bass-1961-cons-bridge-mutes-1.jpg Has anyone used these?
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    I like gardener's kneeler pad foam.
  6. mrufino1


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    Weather stripping, a velcro strap cut to size, and industrial strength velcro on bass (comes off without damage if ever needed). Then it can be removed between or during songs. I remove one side and just let it hang. Total cost is about $12 in home Depot, but you can make about 6 of them with those materials. image.jpeg