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  1. Hey all,
    I have a vintage SVT + 4x10" for loud gigs, and an even more vintage B-15 for quiet ones. I usually play a 5-string Precision: you can guess the sound I like.

    I need an amp + speaker combination that's in between, when the B-15 isn't loud enough but the SVT is overkill. I have a Genz-Benz combo with 2x10s that's given me so much trouble I don't even want to consider another G-B (and yeah, I know there are a lot of enthusiasts out there, but once bitten, etc., and I have been painfully bitten). I'm currently using a Hartke A100 1x15" 100-Watt Bass Combo (mostly for rehearsal), but I don't like it. It's not loud enough and it just doesn't sound very good (maybe it's that aluminum speaker, or overdriving the solid state amp, or both).

    I've heard and tried some small (1x12") Gallien-Krueger combos that the local jazz guys like for upright/bass guitar. They sound nice, but they're too soft for my needs: my B-15 handles that volume range just fine. How about one of the bigger G-K combos, like the Gallien-Krueger MB115-II 1x15" 200-Watt Ultra Light Bass Combo w/Horn? I don't want to spend $1,000 (this one's half that) and I like the idea of "Ultra Light": for its power (30 watts), the B-15 isn't *that* easy to carry around (although it sounds sweet) and the SVT is of course famous for weighing a lot. Also, for portability's sake, I'd like to see if I could get by without going to 2x12" or 4X10" (I use an Ampeg 4X10" with the SVT, and it does the job, but that sucker is heavy and bulky).

    So whaddya think? Would that G-K MB115-II give me enough more power over the B-15 (and over the Hartke, which is also a 1x15", but only 100 watts), sound real pretty like, and hold up to the stresses and strains of a gigging existence? Thanks, all.

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    Aug 28, 2013
  3. Thanks, Mom :). I've heard good things about the Mesa Walkabout Scout, but new they cost over 3x the G-K I'm looking at. Maybe that's what I need to do, or as you say buy used if I can find something good, but I already have a considerable investment in amps...Sounds like it would do the job, though.

  4. Good suggestions, DannyBob. I don't need so many features: one good sound with sufficient gain will do me. Thanks.

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    Aug 28, 2013
    My money would go on the Fender then :)
  6. Hi Steve

    Personally I'm really liking the new G-K MB series bass combo's. I've tried and or heard most and I own a MB115 and MB110 and the G-K MB's are very compact, lightweight, loud, great sounding, and affordable. However, I think I know the sound YOU like and G-K and Ampeg don't sound alike, therefore I recommend you stick with Ampeg.

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    Sep 18, 2012
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    I use my BG250 - 115 (original version) a lot - but if you are used to an SVT and B-15 I think you'll find the tone lacking.
  8. Here's another question, this time pitting one G-K against another: 1x15" 200 watts for $500 vs. 2x10" 350 watts for $700? I know that all other things being equal the difference between 200 watts and 350 is less than 3 dB, but would I get enough more power out of those extra watts plus 2x10" to justify spending an extra $200? (I'd like to have more headroom.) They're exactly the same size; the 2x10" is 2 lb. lighter.

    Also, there's the question of sound. That little G-K 1x12" sounded just fine, round and full, to my Ampeg-accustomed ears. Does it scale up to these guys? I guess I'm going to have to find a store and try them out.

  9. DannyBob


    Aug 28, 2013
    I personally find 2x10 sounds nicer than 1x15. A 'fuller' tone as opposed to 1x15 which is very bass heavy IMO
  10. I am well pleasd with my 2009 GC Acoustic B-200 COMBO.

    Plenty of power..tons of tone:6-band semi-parametric tone bank.Best bang for the buck.

    DI-OUT to PA if needed for extra FOH reinforcement. 1X15and horn with horn on/ off.

    I am older, so it is a little heavy for me, soalter, we bought B-200 seperates. Same power/ sound and with 2 loads instead of one..a little easier.

    Also, I used my ears only..not brands or sticker prices. This combo was the only combo..or amp for that matter that could handle my Low-B. Ability to handle low-B was a major deciding factor. Everything else as icing on the cake.
  11. It depends on who you talk to - I bought the MB115, and the above TBer bought the MB210, and YMMV, but both are nice.

    Checkout the G-K MB212-II.

    EDIT: Here's a pic of the G-K MB212-II with the MBP212-II

    The above pic ^^^ is from TBer "steveb119"'s new thread ~