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  1. Well, it's X-mas again and I am looking at new gear again. I've decided that the weak link in the tone in my rig is my head, so I'm looking to replace it. I have an Ampeg 410HFL cab w/ an (Ampeg) B2R head. I play pretty much everything (Jazz, Funk, Rock, Metal, Fusion, and this cool drums and solo bass project I'm working on :rolleyes:) I was wondering if anyone would have some specific suggestions as to what I should look into to go with my 410HLF? Feel free to hit me up with your GAS list ;)
  2. What tone are you looking for and whats the budget? If you need $600 or less, take a look at a Yorkville 800 or Kustom groovebass. If you want something warm and tubey, look at the Traynor YBA-200 as well.
  3. I need versatility, but I usually go for a fat fingerstyle sound. I don't go Uber trebly on slap, either. My budget is kind of irrelevant because you could be talking about list price, or street price, and all street prices vary... but for arguments sake I'll just say $1K
  4. I would get the most powerful Eden head you could get, or an Eden Navigator pre with a separate racked power amp. I think that would fit perfectly with your style.
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    Oct 4, 2004
    with a budget like that... why ask? you can get any head you want for $1000.... I would automatically recommend eden or aguilar but higher end SWR with a Fender TB1 preamp or BBE MAX Tube preamp would work great too.....

    I ask opinions because my budget doesnt allow for boutique brands (eden, epifani............)