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  1. I'm new to this whole trying differnt strings thing. My last bass was a school bass with Helicores on it and that whole set up was terrible. Now I got a new bass (german style, circa 1920s, maker unknown) and I put a set of Obligatos on it. I think the G and D sound really nice but I don't care much for the A and E. I'm thinking about trying some Belcantos soon. BSO members have recommended I try Flexicore originals, but my teacher said not to.

    Does anyone have any rcommendations for strings and advice on what to listen for when trying a new set? Also, is there a website that lists the differences between strings?
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    Check the stickys at the top, LOTS of advice there!

    Also check the thread "Orchestra String Test 1" where I have been testing several kinds of strings on my NEW German Bass. Maybe those reviews will give you some ideas. The Belcantos and Evahs are great! Your OLD German bass sounds like it must be nice!
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    Try Flexicores. (I use type 92s, though)

    I mean, what will sound best will vary from bass to bass, but I tried pretty much everything I could afford on my bass and Flexicores are hands down the best sounding orchestral string I've played. But that's just me. My bass leans a little on the bright side so I find the warmth and darkness of flexis works best with it to put out a balanced tone.
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