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recommended strings for HH active type bass?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by dnp41, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. dnp41


    May 10, 2016
    Hi Guys,

    I just bought a new bass (Fender Am Elite Dimension bass) which is my first bass with humbuckers and my first real active bass and the first bass I've owned with a maple board. I'm looking for a recommendation in strings and am open for any thing.

    Here are my likes and dislikes and what I will use the bass for:

    I really like the tension of normal nickel strings (like the XL's)
    - I really like the smooth feel of flats
    - I Always like if strings compliment the bass itself, like how some strings just work so good with a P bass.

    - High string tension (actually I dislike low flexibility, string tension doesn't really affect me)
    - Strings that eat away my fingers (like some SS and for instance the Elixer strings)
    - changing strings every week
    - I tried my set of TI flats on this bass and it sounded verry unnatural, somewhat wrong. I do like the feel of these strings (altough some more tension would be welcome).

    Use for this bass:
    this will most likely become my main player in a wedding/party band where I'd need to play a lot of Funk, Disco and R&B, but also more modern pop. currently the bass has the factory fender nickel rounds on them. Sound is very decent and could totally live with them (but if I'd have this attitude and just be fine with what works okay, we would have a very small forum here).

    My style:
    I play with a pick and tend to use a lot of muting technique and dig in pretty hard.

    All recommendations are welcome, and I will probably order 3 different stringsets end of this month to test them all out.

    I'm very interested in what has worked very well for you on a comparable bass.
  2. It seems like flatwounds are your best bet but there are a lot of options these days. Labella makes some low tension flats that might be good for your needs.

    I've been playing D'addario chromes lately and they are good on my Stingray HH. I find them flexible but I'll admit I've always used mostly high tension strings and I like to bend strings so I might be a bit toughened up to the resistance. I'd say they are medium tension for a flatwound but it's kind if a guess. Chromes do sound good but I could see myself switching to a more old school flatwound sound in the end.
  3. dnp41


    May 10, 2016
    Flexibility wise I would really prefer something in the ballpark of the XL rounds (105-45). So stiffer than TI's, less stiff than normal La Bella's. From review I indeed read thath the light chromes or the LaBella's LTF would put me in that ballpark. I'm not to sure about using flats on this bass since the TI flats just sounded wrong.. Atough they have a very specific voicing..

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