Reconing a 4x10 & at 4 using 8 speakers...

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    can I have your thoughts on this one, guys?

    I have a 4 x 10 cabinet that i'm looking to recone. I'd like to use 8Ω speakers, but have the total load on the power amp as 4Ω, so I can get more power out of the amp... i'm presuming (correct me here), that if I treat it as two 2 x 10 cabinets of 8Ω each, this would be possible...

    can anyone guide me in wiring this cabinet, so I have ONE speaker lead plugged into the cab from the power amp, and the cab provides a 4Ω load (using four 8Ω speakers)?

    I'm sorry if this sounds long winded, but i hope you understand what i'm trying to ask...

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    It can't be done.

    With 8 ohm speakers, you can make a 4-10 cab in the following impedances: 32 ohms, 8 ohms or 2 ohms but NOT 4 ohms.

    All 4 in series: 32 ohms
    All 4 in parallel: 2 ohms
    Series/parallel (wire each pair in series, then connect the two piars in parallel): 8 ohms

    To get 4 ohms you need to use either 4 ohm or 16 ohm drivers.

    If you're actually reconing your speakers, just have the reconer use a 4 ohm recone kit instead of an 8 ohm kit.
  3. As I understand impedence wiring and 8 ohm speakers. Your choices with 4 x 8 ohm speakers is 2, 8, or 32. 2 would be everything in parallel, 8 in series parallel, and 32 all in series. You could also do something like 3 in series with one in parallel and come out with like 5 ohms ( I'm not sure as I've forgotten the math ) but this wiring would not work well because the one speaker in parallel would be much louder than the other 3. I think the only way to accomplish your task is to either use 4 or 16 ohm speakers. Wire the 4 ohm speakers in to series parallel or the 16 ohm all in parallel. Help me out here guys........
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    Feb 8, 2003
    aah.. I get it now, thanks guys!