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    Oct 18, 2000
    Milwaukee, WI
    i blew my 15", at least i'm pretty sure i blew my 15, so, i emailed SWR and they said that they would recommend reconing over buying a new speaker. understandable.

    now, does that HAVE to be done by SWR? i know there are local people who do reconings. i'd rather not be without my triad for weeks.

    or, should i take it into the local SWR dealer and have them check it out first? i mean, i'm PRETTY sure it's blown, but not 100% sure.


    Orange County Speaker Repair. Ask for Bryan.

    They are factory authorized for SWR and most others. Be sure to use OEM parts and not the less expensive aftermarket parts, as this will guarantee your driver will perform the same after it is repaired.