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Record (CD) Clubs

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Chunk-O-Funk, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Showing my age, record clubs...ehhh.


    Does anyone belong to or recommend any CD clubs.

    The things is, in the genre of music I like to listen to, there are pretty much slim pickings. I have plenty of retail outlets around my area but when it comes to finding a good Jazz section or Blues, R&B what have you, These stores don't have much to offer. I even have a Boders books in the next town over and they really shrunk their Jazz section down. You can still get all the Miles Davis you want, but if it's somewhat obscure they don't have it. Best example, I would like to check out some Matt Garrison but they don't have anything. Maybe the title to this thread should be, did big retail stores kill the mom and pop record shops?

    I used to belong to Columbia House and BMG. That was quite a while ago. Is there anyone else that might be better? Are there clubs that exist that have more than the record label(s) they represent?

    I know I could find allot of stuff online, but as I remember the plus side of belonging to a club was, I would check out other artist and different types of music that I normally would not think of. Plus paying S&H on CD's can get expensive. Unless you know of a good online CD store that has a good selection that is easy to browse, and offers deals like discounts for more that one CD or a break on S&H.

  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Columbia House CD is going belly up...I received an e-mail & letter from them stating that my account will be served by BMG.

    I used both to fill in the gaps &/or get the cd to albums I already had on LP. Also, I would scoop up box sets when they went 60-70% off.

    One poster here at TB blasted me for doing such...his beef was the bands don't receive any cut from these Record/Music Clubs.

    Did Big Retail stores kill the Mom & Pop Record Shops? Maybe...we still have ONE great Mom & Pop store here called Birdland Music(nee Records). Very small but he has more variety in his Jazz section than the big doofus "superstore' down the street.
    IMO, online stores are taking a chunk outta both.

    Here's two of my favourites-
    Excellent selection of R&B/Soul/Funk + Classic Jazz & Free Jazz.

    Excellent Jazz store, the BEST!
  3. Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the two links, they both look really good for the hard to find stuff. Much appreciated.

    As far as the mom and pop shops, not to much around here. The best one I know of, buys and sells used CD's but caters to DJ's looking for vinyl.

    Is this true? You would think that with all the stink that happen over peer to peer the dudes from Metallica would be on this like white on rice. (just a joke you Metal heads you)

    I was checking out BMG and immediately found a few that I would like to have like Etta James, Al Jarreau, Bobby Blue Bland. All just from browsing around.

    How is there service and are the deals still pretty good? I tried to find out how much they are getting for shipping nowadays but I would have to fill up the shopping cart and almost completely check out in order to find out.
  4. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    The shipping cost at BMG is still a joke...it is quicker than it used to be & it is a little cheaper than it was in the past, still.

    I recently hopped on the Faces' box set at about $24...BMG's shipping added another $8.

    Places like Amazon & B&N are nice because of the Free Shipping for $25+ orders.