Recording 8 separate tracks out of an Alesis SR16

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    In the absence of MIDI, have worked out a way to record drums from my old Alesis SR16 onto 8 separate tracks in the Zoom R24.
    It takes a bit of finger coordination, but it's dead easy to get it spot on with some practice!

    1. Set up two new drum kits.
    I usually send Kick to Main Left, Snare to Main Right, Closed and Open Hat to Aux Right, Claps and Perc 2 to Aux Left for the first kit. (All panned to the extreme L/R as required for the outputs.)

    Tom 1, 2 and 3 are panned across Main Left and Right, Ride and Crash to Aux Left, and finally Perc 2 to Aux Right for the second kit.

    2. Set the Drum kit volumes up. The bottom row of pads (ie my first drum set) at max volume level and the top row at zero for the first kit. The other kit is the opposite, top row at max and bottom row at zero volume.

    3. Record the first four tracks with your first drum kit activated (ie. for me, just Kick, Snare, Hats and Claps/whatever.)

    4. Move the leads to the next set of four inputs and record the same song using your second drum kit.
    You need to time the point of punch-in right. It took me a few goes to get the hang of it!

    You now have eight separate drum tracks in your multi-track to mix as you please.

    Works for me!