Recording Active Bass Problems

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  1. I'm working on recording my bass to existing mp3s (with bass). I'm using a Tascam DP008 and one of two active Ibanez basses. when recording, I find that I have to keep the level of the mp3 (tracks 1 & 2) quite low in comparison to my bass to be able to hear it in the "mix". For example the volume knobs for the mp3 are at 10-11 o'clock while the bass is at 4-5 o'clock. I have the trim setting just below the point where I get distortion to keep the signal clean but I wish I could get a little more sound from my bass signal. I have the following settings available on the Tascam:
    Input Settings
    External Line Low
    External Input Mid
    External Input High

    Right now I'm using the Guitar input with the External Input Mid setting to get the best sound. I have the volume on my bass slightly under max and have played through my 4x10 cabinet as well as 3 different sets of headphones. The manual says to use the mic/line input for active basses but as I said, I'm having the best luck with guitar and the external line mid setting.

    Any suggestions on getting more sound out of my bass in the mix?
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  3. i can probably help, but it would be better if we talk via skype, so I can give you a walkthrough the steps you need to take. send a PM if you're interested.