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  1. zesi


    Jan 30, 2005
    The problem I have first occurred to me when I tried to record a drumset with several mics at the same time. Since I use closeup mics + overhead mics I needed to synchronize them somehow so the drums coming thru the closeup mics don't sound too early compared to the overhead mics. (this is noticeable of course, because the speed of sound is only ~340m/s).
    Even though that alone is already quite complicated, I then realised that I've got the same problem when synchronizing other instruments to the drums. So recording a live band becomes really tricky. Depending on where I stand in the room I will hear the drums earlier or later.
    Does anyone take this into consideration when recording?.. I don't really want to record all the instruments separately.
    Now there's yet another problem..
    I play thru a Fender Bassman 100 1x15" combo amp and record the line-out signal. How bad is the response time of a 15" speaker? I have no experience with this but I've heard people say about certain speakers that they're quicker than others.. e.g. 5" speakers from PJB.
    Should I rather record thru a DI box and listen to myself on headphones while standing directly next to the drummer? :)
    Maybe I've got another problem altogether, but its just that when I position myself about 6m away from the drums with my amp, then the recording is good, when I move closer to the drums I'm always ahead of everything.
    maybe I just got bad timing, I don't know. It seems weird