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recording/distortion question

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by BassDude24, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. BassDude24


    Sep 12, 2000
    My band is recording in my basement, we have done it before for out own amusment, but now it is kinda important because we have a producer who is looking at fronting the money for us to put out a high quality five to six track demo.

    I have never tried to record while using a distortion pedal before. I have always sent in a line from the "line out" on the back of my amp, and it comes out nice and clean. Yet today, I used my distortion pedal, and none of the "fuzz" came through on the recording, I don't think it is the mixer, it is digital and all that jazz (my guitar players, who has no shortage of cash)

    So what should I do? The recordings sound good, but the distortion would help during certain hits in certain songs since we have a lone guitar player.
  2. Maybe mic the amp, or Get A Sans Amp Bass Driver :D
  3. Brooks


    Apr 4, 2000
    Middle East
    I don't know about your amp, but on many you have two 'outs' - a pre-effect out, and a post-effect out. If you are putting the distortion pedal in the effects loop, you need to record from post-effect out. Alternatively, connect the distortion pedal between the guitar and the amp, that'll work just fine.

    Finally, if you use good software, you can add distortion and other effects with the software while mixing down your recording.
  4. BassDude24


    Sep 12, 2000
    I know what your talking about with the effects loop, and I am sending it to the mixer from the "line out" it says "line out 0 dB"

    And I am running my setup as follows:
    from my guitar to the distortion,
    then to a Bass Balls pedal,
    then to my amp,
    then to the mixing board

    The Balls come through fine, just no fuzz from the distortion pedal, I don't think I'm going to worry about it too much though, cause the studio we are going to has all that nifty computer stuff.
  5. i've yet to find software which puts out tasty bass 'storshen .. if you find it let me know.

    Is the "fuzz" coming through the amp? I'm assuming it is ... but maybe you should try reversing the order of the 'storshen pedals anyway.

    Anyway, good luck. You could always leave the pedal out and try running a line out of the desk through the pedal & back in as an extra track - that would give you blending options too; will sound different to mic'ed up 'storshen though, which could be either good or bad.

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