Recording this weekend

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by cynikal1234, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. cynikal1234


    May 12, 2008
    SRQ, FLorida
    I am very excited. Though im kinda hoping my bass will stand out in our newer recordings than it did in our last recordings. Every studio i have been to either completely drowns out the bass or has it overpowering everything else.

    I personally play in a tech. death metal band called Nihilus. The recordings we have now is from several months ago. So if you guys have any suggestions that i could use when i record this time, i would appreciate the help.
  2. The most important thing to consider is that the bass, kick and two guitars will be fighting over the same frequency range, assuming that the recordings on you site are indicative of the sound the guitarists are after. If you want any for the bass, the guitarists will have to change their tone to accomodate. If you all try to take the low end up, the overall recording will sound muddy.

    It is great to play with your amp in the quiet of your home and dial in the perfect sound. When you record, it doesn't matter what your instrument sounds like on its own, it is how the combination of all sounds come together. I usually don't like my solo tone when I record, but it makes the song sound better that way, so that is what the sound is.