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Recording vox.

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by TUEP, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Vocals are tricky and that is one reason lots of people thing you have to throw the bank at them but with a bit of technique and experimentation you can get a vocal sound for a reasonable cost. I use 2 mics and a decent mic pre to record vocals and get satisfying results. Up front 4-6 inches away from the singer is a "standard" vocal mic, a SM58 or SM57 with a pop screen unless the vocalist has their own preferred mic. The other mic is a large diaphram condenser an MXL V63M about 12 inches back from there. I have an Art TPS II and use a vocal setting with OPL and add a touch or room or plate reverb. I use the distant mic for most of the sound adding in the close mic for clarity. The space you use is also important but most homes have adequate spaces for vocals that are often overlooked. Small bathrooms and walk in closets are often wonderful spaces. I use a smallish book alcove in my living room with the mics in the alcove and the singers back to the rest of the room.
    Breaking the habits of vocalists is very important for recording, for live they want to practically eat the mic, for recording distance is the key. Key of reference nothing sounds accurate close mic'ed not drum, vocals, guitar, what ever, finding the proper placement is an essential recording technique.
  2. i have a cad trion 8000 tube condenser i paid 250 for on ebay new. they list for about 6 i think. i have a yamaha 10/2 mixer i paid 100 for new. the 10/2 has built in preamps, phantom power, compression, and eq. i am using an upgraded sc in my laptop running acid pro 4. this setup allows me to get a very respectable vocal tone for a lot of dif apps. i do have a pretty extensive arsenal of rack pres, compressors, mics, and neumerous other stuff ive aquired over the years that i use for recording. but this stuff came later once i learned what i actually needed it for. sure the mixer is very bottom of the barrel, and the compression sucks, but i can get good sounds out of it. my point is, i spent 350 dollars on hardware and got a very strong vox sound. all the other stuff came later. although, that cad trion 8000 is a very nice sounding mic. i could have afforded a much more expensive one, but i really prefer the way this mic sounds with my voice over other pricier ones. hope this helps. ebay can be great if you know what you are looking for. -joep

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