Recording with XLR to last question

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  1. I've got it all plugged in, and the line in and mic inputs are working now....but I've still got no sound. After plugging everything in:

    Bass to amp, amp to computer line in via XLR...

    And starting a program like Cool Edit or Acid pro....what else needs to be done until I can just click "record" and play and it will pick it up..because right now it's not picking anything up....
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    May 10, 2007
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    ok with Acid Pro and my M-Audio box on my PC...all I had to do was go to preferences and set it up there, quite easy actually.

    On my mac with my firestudio and Logic/garage band, I actually have to tell the software program what channels I'm using, I can't simply just plug in and play.

    Give us the details.
  3. Turns out my line in and mic in are permanently muted in the sound/volume/recording devices/levels box.......when i click "unmute" the "apply" button doesn't highlight for some reason, therefore insuring that I can't save the changes and it always reverts to muted when I close the window.......I wonder how I'm going to fix that :/
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    Nov 13, 2007
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    What type of sound card/cards are you using. Is Windows still handling sound management?