Recording Your Gigs?

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  1. This question might have been asked before, but I missed it. How do you all record your live gigs? I've heard people that use Minidisk players with very nice mics, and others who record through the sound board. My band isn't playing any high profile gigs, and most of them are outdoors. What would be a cheap but quality way to record my performances? Thanks in advance! :)
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  4. Ive found that a good old tape recorder works fine. Sure, youll have all the noise of everyone else around and it won't be good quality. But it works. And that's what counts, right??
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    Mar 27, 2001
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    You could always play through a mixer, make it easier to record, and only a little bit of extra noise.
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    Oct 8, 2001
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    We have been using a rather unconventional way for a few months, in both practice and live stuff...

    We use a cheapo minidisc recorder (doesn't really matter...) and a set of very good studio reference headphones as a mic. It works trust me. And the low level input from the headphoens sorts out the levels for you, stops it peaking and the like.

    THings you've got to watch are:

    Where you put the 'phones, no where near the bass amp, or the bass drum, if you know what's good for you! Try and get it near ish to your guitar and vocals, and keys if you got them.

    Make sure the phones are off the floor (otherwisew you get more bass noise, and scratchy jerky noises,) its worth giving them their own mic stand, but the back of a chair, ar a spare guitar stand do very well.

    Watch the minidisc player, because when it runs out you'll be well, annoyed.

    If you can on your particular player record in mono, because you get twice as long!!! (if you're buying one especially make sure it can do this!)

    Good luck... Anyone else who uses this technique already, or who tries it out, please give me your thoughts....
  7. We figured it out. One of the members has a Minidisk player so we hooked a mic up to it and tried it out during practice. It gets a little distorted and picked up the bass a little too well, but it will serve it's purpose. For the next gig I think we'll have it further away from the band to avoid distortion.
  8. Maybe I am just really confused here.....
    How do you use headphones as a mic?????
  9. in simplified terms (cuz I don't understand it any other way!), is that a mic is a speaker, but just set-up to be used in reverse. You can do the same with any speaker. Hook it up to a mic input, and you'll get incoming sound from it.

    Basslines, check out (do a search for) the PZM microphone, made by Radio Shack (don't laugh) at one time, and Crown also. It's designed for live recording, and you can find them on eBay for about $50 buck, less if it's the Radio Shack version.

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