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  1. Heeeey, just a question about our upcoming demo-sessions.

    I know its only a demo, but its important to me to have a good bass sound. Recently I've really enjoyed the downright nasty gritty sound I'm getting from the pre-tubes in the trace, but I tend to get this sound around gig-volume.

    where I will be reocrding may not allow for such a volume, so I was thinking of the best ways to get the sound on the CD. My thoughts we're doing 3 tracks; a DI, a "cone mic" and a bass mic, that being either in the port hole of my 2x10 or a coupla feet away from the cab.
    The plan was for the DI to catch the grittyness straight form the preamp, as since I may not be loud during recording. the other 2 tracks for lows and mids/highs. I was quite pleased with the sound I got using 2 tracks last time (cone mic and a bass mic 2 metres away).

    think this will work to get my "grit" sound?

    cheers for the move ;)
  2. msquared


    Sep 19, 2004
    Kansas City
    In my experience the best way to do it is with three tracks: DI, clean miked amp, dirty/overdriven miked amp. Use whatever to make the "dirt" (I prefer a guitar POD). Blend to taste.