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Recordings with the Cort artisan b4

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Bluez Dawg, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Any of you like to comment on this one?
  2. I always love hearing new bass players getting started.. Keep at it man.. Practice Practice Pratice!!! You'll get there.
  3. Aye I only been playing 3.9 months, and never picked upa bass or any kind of instrument before Ok Ok mybe a Kazoo when I was a kid. Anways I practice for about 30-45 minuts a day I hope it shows. And thank you for the replying.
  4. You're doin good, man.. Just keep at it :)
  5. Not bad! keep it up.

    Maybe you could work with a metronome, but you're only beginning so the fact taht you're playing is good enough.
  6. Thanks, I do use the metronome but Im not sure what to set it for when I play money. my teacher tought me to play it at this speed. And I use my metronome when I practice except for iroman. LOL.

    Btw reson why the first note is a whole note is I forgot I was recording haha and the reson why it was ringing for so long.