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Recruited by a synth-jazz project....

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by BioDriver, May 1, 2010.

  1. BioDriver

    BioDriver A Cinderella story

    Aug 29, 2008
    Austin, TX
    ... and I need to alter my board. I know I'm going to get a Source Audio Multiwave Pro but am wondering if I need to invest in some other synth/synth-like pedals. Right now I have a 3leaf Groove Regulator, MXR BOD, and Subdecay Echobox that I'll be incorporating.

    As for sounds, imagine a mix of Passion Pit, Ghostland Observatory, MMW, and Ratatat. I'm being brought in because I'm more of a jazz player.
  2. sikamikanico

    sikamikanico Supporting Member

    Mar 17, 2004
    Dont know much about the Multiwave, but seeing that it's digital, I'd stay away from it... or would I? :)

    for the synth part, octaver is a great start. i don't know if the MXR is anything like it, but the Boss OC-2's octave down sounds very synthy. the Electro harmonix bass synth uses the same approach and can also be a good start (buy a used older model ;))

    your filter gets some praise around here (probably why you got it, eh?), but the Moog LPF is another one to consider for synthyness ;) for example, my Ibanez AF-9 is a great, versatile filter pedal, but for synth, I'd consider the moog, the AF-9 can't do it all (except for classic filter sounds and some more)...

    sure, the OC-2 + moog sound old by now, but it worked for many... also Chris Wood uses it (though he does have the EHX synth, not the OC-2)

    but most of all, experiment! a pedalboard is like a modular synth. study what the effects do and what you need for your band, then combine the info and make an informed purchase!
  3. G0rilla


    Feb 1, 2008
    Latvia, Riga
    Making ears bleed since 1989
    Things that come into mind:
    Moog LPF - a must have for anyone who plays in synth/electronica project
    Moog Freq Box - another must have?
    Synthy fuzz, probably something from Devi Ever or Death by Audio
    I wanted to recommend OC-2, but you already have BOD, which can do the job easily.
  4. BioDriver

    BioDriver A Cinderella story

    Aug 29, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    I've owned 2 moog pedals - the LPF and ring mod. They were both awesome pedals but I had some issues with the LPF, namely the fact that it didn't play well with my other pedals. But seeing as all those pedals are gone perhaps it's worth another look now.

    And I was considering the EHX BMS, but I didn't know if it would be redundant with the multiwave.
  5. That looks like a good place to start but you certainly will need to add an octaver and some other sound modifiers. For the synth project I participate in practically everything I own gets used. I get bass synth tones from Bass Micro Synth, Deep Impact, patches on a Zoom B2 as well as playing bass lines on a keyboard synth and sampler. The bass I use I approach as a synth controller it has one pickup, tone usually down and I am very aware of my attack and how it effects the tone, envelope and resonance.
  6. I admittedly don't own a Multiwave, but based on clips of the Multiwave, and my experience with the BMS, they are not redundant.
  7. I've owned both and while for the most part it really depends on what you have set up around the MWBD as to whether or not you would want/need a BMS. To put it more simply I had a MWBD and BMS at one point. Around those pedals I had a MXR BOD, Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk, Chunk Systems Brown Dog, and Source Audio Tri-Mod Wah. My board is essentially a giant synth and besides the MWBD and BMS I essentially had the individual ingredients of the BMS (octave, fuzz/distortion, filter), all I had to do was put them together. Obviously, it didn't sound just like the BMS but 1) the "gist" of it was the same and 2) I really liked being able to control each of those ingredients separately as opposed the BMS package. So, in the end I deemed it "close enough to what I have to move along". Of course, "close enough" is very subjective and I think that to most people my version is very loose but I'm quite happy with the decision. I think about this way: You can kind of get a BMS with a combination of other pedals, you can't do that with the MWBD.

    As far as the rest of your board; IMO, the 3 essential effects to any synth board are an octaver, fuzz (gate control is a big plus), and some kind of filter. I like having an envelope filter (expression control is nice to have) and low pass filter, though. Some low pass filters (Moog MF101, custom Iron Ether Xerographs) have envelope follower controls built in.

    Your octaver is solid. I have a BOD and love it. The Growl knob is what I use for the most OC2-like sound. I would have and OC2 instead but I like the versatility that the BOD provides.

    The MWBD is highly recommended but not necessary (whatever that means, lol :p). I have one because I like it and it sounds great.

    The Echo Box I've never owned but I know some delay can really add some awesome to any synth board.

    The 3Leaf, I loved by itself but it didn't get that synthy sound that wanted so it had to go. Then again, I currently own 4 envelope filters (had 10 though...) so I don't think I know what I want, lol. Filters are a tough subject just because everyone wants something different. If you like the way it sounds then keep it, simple as that.

    So pretty all that's left is a good fuzz. I demand a gate but that's just me. It's great for noise control and getting the snappy on-off synth sounds. I own a Brown Dog and have used a Wooly Mammoth clone. The BD is more versatile and more wild while the Mammoth clone was more snythy, thicker, and more relaxed. Honestly, I don't think I played with the Mammoth clone enough to form an opinion of it versus the BD but it sounded great on it's own. Actually, you could use the normal setting on the MWBD and save yourself some cash if you wanted. I've tried it and it sounded cool but I wanted my gate and more fuzz than distortion.

    That's about it, though I think phasers, flangers and tremelos can add all sorts of fun stuff with synth boards but that's all up to you.

    Hope it helps. This post ended up being waaaaay longer than intended :p.

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