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  1. well well well....

    Last night I had the dubious honour of mixing house sound for Redman (and a bunch of other rappers). While the gig went OK nad no one got shot or anything, I have to say I just don't get it. These guys didn't have a tour manager/sound guy/tech rider or anything. Then they show up 5 minutes before they're due to go on, demanding a soundcheck (in front of the crowd no less) and just generally being A-holes. A great way to get people to do stuff for you:rolleyes: Then the volume. Oh my God. I was prepared so there wasn't too much of a problem... The monitor kit was a total of 34 000 Watts (!) with 8 double 12/ 2 inch horn biamped wedges, 4 single 15 / 2 inch horn wedges, four double 18 subs and 4 fullrange boxes. It was all MAXED! I brought the meter up on stage when we were setting it up and at nominal operating levels, my voice was 135dB on stage. They were even louder. My poor monitor engineer had a rough night... The house system had 24 double 18 subs and 24 mid/high cabs (about 60000 watts) in a 4000 capacity venue. I mixed fairly loud because the client expected it. Lots of low end. One of my stage techs said the subs would take his breath away if he walked in front of them....:D
    The show was absolutely ridiculous. It all sounded pretty much the same. A bunch of guys yelling obscenities for 5 hours. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word "nigga" or the F-word, I could retire. These guys try to come off as tough and intimidating when all they are is pathetic and silly sounding. Gratuitous profanity just makes you sound stupid. I just don't get it I guess. I hope I never have to mix another.... But at least they didn't tell the crowd to "kill that honky soundman" like happened to a buddy of mine working a Public Enemy show :D
    I'm not sure what forum this should be in, it is "music" related.... I just wanted to vent :D
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    Sep 26, 2000
    I... don't know what... to say... so much power...

    We recently had a rap group come to my venue. Was kind of the opposite of your experience. They were happy to be putting on a show anywhere and were more than willing to function with our meager setup. Ah well, the higher up on the "food chain", the bigger the egos, eh? Makes me scared to become studio engineer. :D
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