SOLD REDUCED ! 1997 Ibanez TR 600 RB Jazz Bass Killer!-Made in Japan only 1 year

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    Here's a lot of Made in Japan bass goodness for not much money.
    Reduced to only $300 shipped with a Gig Bag.

    Made in Japan only 1 year, the TR 600 combined Vintage Jazz Bass looks and tone with a bunch of Modern features.

    This one is in really nice condition, No fret wear, a couple of little marks and scuffs, overall really good. Nice low action setup, perfect intonation with no buzz and fairly new D'Addarios. Nice narrow Jazz Bass neck. Sounds amazing and it's very versatile.

    I really like the fact that you can string it thru the body or on top to change the string tension and feel, and the pickups, which are really quiet, can be passive or active. I personally prefer it thru the body, it really gives it huge sustain.

    The controls are Vol/Blend/Bass/Mid/Treble and Passive Active switch. In the passive mode only the Volume and Blend Controls work, and it will still run passively if the battery dies.

    Here's some info I got from a vintage Ibanez website- feel free to call me/Text me Ibanez TR 600 RB (1).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (1).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (2).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (3).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (4).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (5).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (6).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (7).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (8).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (9).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (10).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (11).jpg Ibanez TR 600 RB (12).jpg if you have any questions, 727-735-5350


    Ibanez TR600 Expressionist Bass

    "TR Expressionist basses have the looks and sound of the great old classic basses," says Masashi Inoue of Ibanez, "but they're a lot less expensive than an old classic bass. Plus thanks to our Power Tier stack pickups," he continued, "TR Expressionist basses don't have the classic single coil noise. "According to Mr. Inoue TR Expressionist basses feature traditional passive pickup sound, but their active EQ gives them much greater tonal versatility than traditional basses. Mr. Inoue added that the active EQ is bypassable. "Not only does this allow completely passive tone, but it also means--unlike many active EQ systems--that bassists can keep playing even if the battery runs out on stage." The new TR600 adds a matching headstock and the new AccuCast B-20 bridge to the original mix of TR Expressionist features.

    All TR Expressionist basses feature:
    Body: alder
    Neck: 1 pc maple w/rosewood fretboard
    22 frets with medium frets
    Pickups: passive Powertier stack pickups
    EQ: active EQBIII (Bypassable)
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    I just reduced it to $300 shipped, I have another bass I need to payoff, give me a call/text !
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    Reduced to only $300 shipped!!

    Let's see who's awake this Tuesday morning:)

    These basses were $800 + back in '97, very high quality and great playability and tone.
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    EYE BUH NEZE !!! :hyper:
    Great Bass, and cheap!
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    Happy Sunday! A great day to get a great deal on a great bass!:hyper:
  6. ricksvintage

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    :hyper:$300 ? Really a nice bass for really cheap ! Japanese, made only 1 year, plays and sounds great, what else can you say?:hyper:
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    Aug 29, 2015
    The bass spoke to me..It wants to come with me!!! I will take it!!!!
  8. ricksvintage

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    And it's SOLLLLLD!!!:hyper::hyper::hyper:

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