SOLD Reduced!! $595 shipped-2003 Lakland 55-01 Silver Sparkle/Maple in EXC Condition

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  1. ricksvintage

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    2003 Lakland 55-01 in Silver Sparkle/Maple in EXC Condition with Gig Bag.
    Made in Korea, Bartolinis, Hipshots, Graphite reinforced neck, Active/Passive, 3 band EQ.
    Killer Bass, Great neck w/ Nice Figuring and Birdseye, Fantastic Quality,much better than the new Indo made versions. but I just can't get my head around 5 strings. I tried :)
    Brand New 45-125 Strings and Pro setup.
    Frets are near Perfect, Body is Excellent as well. The Silver color is much nicer than the pics show, it was pretty dull and overcast when I took them.

    REDUCED to $595 Shipped to your door!
    feel free to ask any questions.
    Call/Text me at 727-735-5350

    Lakland 55-01 (1).JPG Lakland 55-01 (2).JPG Lakland 55-01 (3).JPG Lakland 55-01 (4).JPG Lakland 55-01 (5).JPG Lakland 55-01 (6).JPG Lakland 55-01 (7).JPG Lakland 55-01 (8).JPG Lakland 55-01 (9).JPG Lakland 55-01 (10).JPG Lakland 55-01 (11).JPG

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Central KY./Danville
    Nice bass! Do you have an accurate weight?
    These are getting rare.
  3. LowEndWooly


    Sep 3, 2013
    What's up with the right side of the fretboard? I've never seen that before. Is it just like, where the wood begins to meet the surface near the bark? Excuse my ignorance. I like the looks, actually.
  4. overbybr

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    Looks like finger oil
  5. ricksvintage

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    It's not finger oil, it's consistent on both sides of the neck and it is the cross section figured grain of the maple fingerboard.
  6. ricksvintage

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  7. ricksvintage

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    Some interesting offers, I have my eyes on a 44-64 right now, so outright sale is preferred.
    Thanks! :hyper:
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    Friday Bump!!!
  9. ricksvintage

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    REDUCED to $595 Shipped to your door!
  10. ewatkins


    Feb 25, 2016
    Deposit Sent
  11. ricksvintage

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    And it's SOLD!
    Thanks Eldon !