SOLD REDUCED Sandberg Forty Eight 48 2018 Cream Hardcore Reserve Aged FREE SHIPPING in CUSA

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    sandberg 48_01.jpeg sandberg 48_02.jpeg sandberg 48_03.jpeg sandberg 48_04.jpg sandberg 48_05.jpg sandberg 48_06.jpg ***SOMEONE WILL BE GETTING AN AMAZING DEAL ON THIS*** As far as I can tell, this high quality, rare bass isn't listed anywhere else in the internet universe for a price this low. Jus' sayin.'

    Some of the best basses in the world are coming out of Germany, and Sandberg seems to be leading the pack.

    This bass was purchased new in 2018, and has barely been played since. It really is in mint condition (which honestly is difficult to assess, only because of the painstaking aging and relic process Sandberg is able to deliver. If you've ever played a vintage instrument, you know the feeling of warmth and comfort that it brings. Sandberg's aged basses have captured this like lightning in a bottle). Weight is right at 8.5 lbs.

    Currently, if you went to the Sandberg website and configured this bass, and then applied this configuration code to a dealer, this bass is listed at $3600, and the wait time to have one made and delivered is 12 - 18 months. This is not to mention the international currency exchange rate and customs declaration I had to pay. So in that regard, my loss is your gain. Also, I'm willing to cover shipping in the lower 48 on this one...but that's the best I can do. I'm not one to list something at a higher price, only to wait for offers that are simply unrealistic, or to come back once a week and gradually lower the amount. I price things to sell.

    Also included is the original Sandberg Deluxe Gig Bag that shipped with the bass.
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    If you have any questions or would like additional photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

    Summary of the Sandberg Forty-Eight FROM PREMIERE GUITAR:

    Back in the late ’50s and early ’60s, Gibson challenged tradition by introducing a number of futuristic-looking instruments, including the Explorer and the Thunderbird. While their shapes may not have been immediately favorable to the masses, the Explorer and Thunderbird have long since solidified their place in rock lore. Inspired by these classic templates—but also motivated to tweak some of their commonly cited shortcomings—Holger Stonjek of Sandberg Guitars and Chicago Music Exchange’s Marc Najjar put their heads together to dream up the Sandberg Forty Eight bass. It’s an instrument that boasts aggressive styling with modern technology, tonal versatility, and a boatload of wow factor.

    Sandberg Forty Eight, VM Pickups with metal covers,
    4-S, hardcore aged reserve, creme, alder body, ebony FB,
    white-pearl block inlays, matched headstock, aged nickel HW,
    2-EQ active/passive modes, mint colored PG.
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    Beautiful bass. It says in the description that they're aiming to address commonly cited short comings. Does this do anything for neck dive?
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    Thanks for the inquiry! Indeed. This bass does not have any neck dive. It's also at least a pound lighter than the average Thunderbird, etc. I don't know if there were any issues with Thunderbird pickups...but this bass has dare I say more tonal flexibility, as the bridge pickup is a power humbucker, and the neck pickup is a split-coil "P".
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    What's the weight on this instrument?
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    Hello. The weight according to my scale is right at 8.5 lbs.