Reed Mathis and his bass whammy.

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  1. Hello everyone

    I am a really big fan of Jacob Fred Jazz, i love Reeds use of effects. His octave induced bass work stands out tremendously and is the part of the whole reason i love the band (besides the fact that brain is absolutly insane on a piano) I got to see them no charge at a venue down in madison and had a great discussion with the guys about music. But i reget never approaching Reed about his wonderful octave induced bass stuff. So i was wondering for all you JFJo fans and, or whammy pedal owners. Is it possible for a bass to achieve the same time of octave up as reed does on the red whammy or do i need to find a bass whammy. I by no means plan to cop Mr. Mathis' style but there has been music in my head that this effect would certainly help get out.

  2. i thought reed had the red one...either way, yes...many bass player prefer the red ones to the bass, specifically the first one, and the fourht reissue...but everyone is different, i have an XP100 which every apparently hates for bass, but it works just fine for me, so i guess everyone have a preference.

    Thats really cool that you got to talk to them, reed is one of the few bass players i'd really like to meet...
  3. yea, they were all very approachable people. The venue was small as hell, they would just walk off stage, so I would chase em down. At the end of the show I went outside to have a cig, there were a whole group of people just sitting around after the show and Reed was just standing alone having a cig, so i joined him. It was very exciting and very motivational (ever sense meeting les claypool and him i try to practice bass for atleast 4 hours a day) Although i am a bassist and i really did enjoy talking to Reed, I was 3 feet away from Brian and he just blew me away i could not stop telling him how crazy good he was after the show. His fingers just fly.

    I was maybe 2 feet away from the stage, i had a perfect view of Reed's pedalboard, it was deffinatly a bass whammy.
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    He apparently considers the Whammy a cheap effect and not that tonally accurate so he uses a Wah pedal at the same time (Wah pedals are generally big tone knobs ish kinda :p) to change the tone and zero in more on an accurate sound

    Again this is what he said roughly in an older bass player so could be wrong
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    I could be wrong but I think sometimes he's using it 2 octaves up. He also throws in some delay/reverb from the Boss RV3 if I'm not mistaken - haven't seen a show in years :(
    Those guys RaWk.
  6. yea i was aware of that, i beleive he uses the Snarling Dogs mold spore wah or one of the snarling dogs wahs, He also does a wonderful job of using his volume pedal in adjacent with his wah and whammy. Cheap effects are the way to go, they provide a rawness and tone easily captured through your own playability, but i guess that goes for any sort of effect, expensive or inexpensive. just my opinion.

    I guess I just have to try a red whammy out and see if it matches the same sounds in my head. If not maybe it could do something i had not intended it to do. I'm a long time Robert Fripp fan and was planning on buying a fernandes Sustainer guitar, but after seeing Reed play.....well you can guess what my intesions were after that.
  7. he mostly used his line 6 dl-4 but could have used different things prior to the show i saw.
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    Dec 8, 2003
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    I know that he used to use the Bawl Buster wah. I think he also uses a little EQ pedal (Boss?) to cut the highs when he's palm muting.

    Brian has been using the DL4 also to loop his keyboards when he's playing with other people - I just got a show of Brian & Jason with a bass dude named Jason Fraticelli on upright - nutzo.