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  1. I had the most fun I've ever had in my life last night!!!! My brother took me to go see reel big fish even though i wasnt supposed to beacuse i got a 60 in science but anyways...they were incredible-and so were the bands that played before them. th first was the matches. thy're incredible. wow. they're going to make it. if they dont...somebody shoot me. i've never in my life seen a band so passionate about music, and they're bassist was incredibly fun and jumping around and relaly kept the stage presence going. even after the show, they were jumping around with acousic guitars jamming. the second band was wakefield, they were amazing also. they're bassist had something i had never seen before though, an elastic around his picking hand. anyone know what this is for? to stop cramping maybe? anyways they were also good. the third band were talented also, Zebrahead, they're bassist was incredible...but he was drooling on himself the whole time. and i was right infront of him. it was me...*rolls eyes* but ahh...then reel big fish cam eon, and even though arguabley they're not "real ska" according to my boyfriend, i was so amazed. other than it was USA day and they played the american national anthem and people threw things at them...then they went into a whole **** the government thing. yeah but i was awesome, they just played and sometimes they would stop singing anf the whole crowd would just take over and there were so many kids (myself included) who knew every word to every song and they were incredible. wow, and one of the trumpet players was hillarious. they're bassist, Mr. Wong i believe, hes quite the amazing, so focused also. it would watch him and just get wowed. i think i drooled. so mnay things were so fun, including the skank pit. i loved all the beautiful ska people there in they're fedoras riding their mopeds sporting checkers and hi-tops. and the lead singer of wakefield kissed me and gave me a pick and the bassist of the matches gave me some stickers. ahh...i'm so life is now complete....
    ska for life!
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    Jan 7, 2003
    Reel Big Fish have a really neat bassist...

    they rocked in BASEketball:D



    Nov 29, 2002
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    Reel big Fish are sell outs cuz Prep-jock-guys with nice chest who wear tight New Found Glory shirts and get all the chicks-emo kids listen to them.

    Just joking. I love Reel Big Fish, they are the first band that I got into that actually play instruments (before I just listened to stuff like Master P or Notorius B.I.G). I hope they come to Denver soon so I can catch one of their shows.