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  1. lexington125


    Sep 11, 2013
    hollywood, baby......
    someday I will find 4 or 5 other guys who want to play the blues the way it was played before it became all about guitar heroics
    Both companies make a 4ea KT88 200+ watt amp head based around the old HiWatt amp. I've read several reviews of the Reeves amp, but none of the Hi Tone. Any chance anyone has done a '1 on 1' comparison of the Reeves and Hi Tone models?

    for anyone not familiar w/ Hi-Tone, they look interesting :
  2. Hi-Tone used to be a company called "Vintage Hiwatt Restoration". They used to sell spare parts for Hiwatts and kits to build your own DR103 and DR504 clone.
    Then they began to build them under their own Brand. They also make the speakers just like the old Fanes.. or something like that.
    I just don't have an opinión about them...
    But if your in the Hiwatt mood, consider getting one of the real things. I own one of the Brand new DR405 400 W heads.. and i can´t be happier.. I previously owned (and sold) a 1973 DR103... so i could compare both of them.
  3. headband


    Oct 18, 2013
    I have not heard the Hi-Tone, so cannot compare, but do have a Custom 225, and from what I understand the Reeves is not a direct copy of the Hiwatt design - enhancements have been made and some of these features are noteworthy - like a DI out that ifs after the output transformer in the circuit, an extra gain stage and selector switch for active basses, and the output transformer is tapped 2/4/8 ohms instead of 4/8/16 ohms/ The two ohm tap is a nice feature with so many 4 ohm cabs in use these days. I have also heard that the Reeves225 has been voiced slightly different than the original Hiwatt 200 watt, adding a bit more low end. All I can tell you is that the Reeves has no issues with a B string. These differences may apply to the Hi-tone, as it seems to be more of a Hiwatt replica.
    I hope this helps .
  4. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
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    There is no question that the Reeves 225 has more bottom on tap from the preamp than a stock Hiwatt. That was a deliberate design choice.