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Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by lennydog, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. lennydog


    Oct 6, 2009
    Hi, I am looking for a book with comprehensive bass scales, Modes, and chord patterns.
    Suggestions/recomendations please
    Many thanks
  2. GlennPagano


    Jul 20, 2009
    Glen Mills
    Bass Grimoire
  3. mambo4


    Jun 9, 2006
    -1 to bass grimiore. It contains ONLY a bunch scale diagrams, and very little info about why or in what common circumstances you might want to use one scale vs another, nothing about chords or progressions as I recall.

    1000 times more useful is to learn the theory behind the construction of scales, modes and chords and how they interrelate., and work it out on the fret board on your own. Then you can figure it out instead of looking it up. Marc Sabatella's Primer is a great resource. also has useful info.
  4. 251


    Oct 6, 2006
    Metro Boston MA
    This is free.

    Though it's written for Jazz players, it's all there in neat chapter long bites.
  5. bassandbeyond


    Aug 28, 2004
    Rockville MD
    Affiliated with Tune Guitar Maniac
    Joel DiBartolo's book is pretty thorough in this regard.
  6. Roy Vogt

    Roy Vogt

    Sep 20, 2000
    Endorsing Artist: Kiesel, Carvin, Accuracy, Hotwire, Conklin Basses, DNA, Eden
    The Improvisor's Bass Method by Chuck Sher is also a good source.
    While a little short on explanation, The Melodic Bass Library by Jimmy Haslip has tons of scales and fingerings laid out and some examples from Yellowjackets tunes.
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