Refinish and preamp swap on my German Warwick Corvette $$

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  1. The first time I played a Warwick Corvette I knew I needed to have one! When I hit the first note it was like thunder! So a few months later when I saw one on the Ebay with a cool looking Ocean Blue stain, and a super cool looking Ovankol neck. I bought it brand new without any hesitation. At the time I was playing in a busy cover band playing about 3 out of 4 weekends a month. First thing I noticed after a couple months was the stain was wearing off from sweat, and general playing. I take very good care of all my gear, but noticed the slightest tap would ding or dent my precious Ocean Blue stain, and after a year or two of steady gigging in rotation with my other bass guitars, the Warwick unlike my other basses was looking like she had just come back from war. I also found that at certain times I was really wanting some mid EQ control and the MEC stock preamp didn't offer me that. I know some people will say that the wear "gives it character" and that the German Warwick electronics are the best but it just wasn't working for me.
    So one day I decided it was time to let her go and put her up for sale. I took a bunch of photos, but couldn't go thru with it. I loved the bass. After thinking about it more I decided to talk to my local guitar repair go too Tommy Graves at Vermont Guitar Works. At first after doing some research here on Talkbass, I thought we would start by just changing up the preamp to an Aguilar OBP-3. But then we started talking and scheming a full body makeover! I came up with a basic color scheme and asked for a bunch of coats of poly to give it a good protective shell. After that I let Tommy do his thing and he was able to way exceed my expectations!
    Im am very happy with my new/old bass back in rotation! The Aguilar preamp delivered, and not just gives me the mid control I had wanted but, enhances the already killer tone! Just an FYI the stock volume pot and Blend pot can be used with the OBP3. 500k volume pot, 230K Blend Pot (which is not a standard value) Also absolutely love the way the green burst finish came out, and with the extra coats of Poly it will help keep her looking pretty! PicsArt_12-04-09.13.23.jpg belt rash description.jpg FB_IMG_1464831983131.jpg PicsArt_12-04-09.03.37.jpg PicsArt_12-04-09.31.19.jpg received_10154643392553216.jpeg FB_IMG_1476306087701.jpg FB_IMG_1476755244134.jpg PicsArt_12-04-09.04.38.jpg PicsArt_12-04-09.05.50.jpg FB_IMG_1480115670369.jpg Here are some before, during, and after pics. Hope you enjoy!

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    It looks great! BTW, I put an OBP3 in my Thumb bass several years ago, and I agree it really opened up the tone of the bass. Enjoy yours!
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  3. Gawjus! !!
    Ya kept the coil tap options ?
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    "Character" be darned, I like a good protective poly finish that keeps a bass looking new! Congrats on that fantastic refin and mod.
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  5. Sure did.
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    Looks like a million bucks. Great job!
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    Wow! That looks incredible! I've always contemplated doing something like that with my $$. I wonder how hard it would be to get the wax out of the body as it's a natural finish
  8. My concern was removing the blue stain from the wood, but it came right out. I would assume it would be the same with the wax.
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    That is a much more appropriate paint job for the $$ bass!

    Always liked the look of the corvette basses. Glad the refinish and mods worked out for you!
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  10. Sure did!
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