Refinish my olp stingray translucent green

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  1. I want to refinish my O.L.P. Stingray (previously metallic blue - Yuk!) in a translucent emerald Greenburst with a clear see-through pickguard/scratchplate. (see photos)
    Has anyone attempted this sort of stain, sunburst then lacquer type of finish? Will the wood underneath the paint be a hideous mashup of knots and blemishes? I want to see a little grain through the burst (I just want it to look a little natural as opposed to looking all flamed and expensive)
    any ideas, suggestions? i cant get reranch products over in my country but i can get Tamiya paints and modelers supplies e.t.c.

    the first picture belongs to a TB'er and is the PERFECT colour

    the second one is the style im going for with the maple neck, clear pickguard but itll be Green....

    I have had great results doing a custom paint job in solid colours using car paints and lacquers, but im not sure about choosing staining or translucent paints????!?!?!?!?!?!?!:confused:

  2. Be prepared for some "not so great" looking boards under that opaque paint. That's often what's done with the poorly matched and uglier wood.
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    I agree with hambone. Usually they paint the ugly bodies, and do clear finishes on the nice onces. You might be better off getting a clear body and redoing it.
  4. hmmmm, it might be a good idea. cheers guys.