Refinishing a project cab

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  1. I have inherited a 4x10 cab from a friend of mine. It started out life as a Hartke but was professionally upgraded with Eminence Delta speakers some time ago. Can anyone give me the specs on these? They are around 15 years old and heavy as hell. Cab is wired for 8ohm operation.

    The tolex is destroyed. I want to take off what is left and redo the cab. What are some inexpensive options? I will sand down the cab and refinish somehow. When I owned a Dr. Bass cab with marks in the finish, i called him and he suggested using spray bed liner in the cabinet. Dont want carpet.

  2. ImageUploadedByTalkBass1372949852.862482.jpg

    Here is the speaker in the cab
  3. I have used bed liner "Herculiner" from my local auto parts store. I brushed it on. Three coats plus a little extra in certain places. Look good.
  4. I bought the bedliner at Wal-mart... it was ok. It smells for weeks. All the folks on here buy there Duraliner from
  5. Thanks... Bed liner definitely seems like the way to go.

    Any info on those speakers though?
  6. Duratex seems to be better than bedliner, IMHO....
  7. Just ordered the duratex trial kit

    As for the speakers, am I to assume that these are older Delta 10a's?
  8. Shoot an email to Eminence customer support, include any numbers off the frame, as well as pics. I've had good success with them giving me info on 35 year old speakers.
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    Here's rust oleum bed liner rolled on a 4x10 I made. You'll have to zoom in but I think it looks nice. ImageUploadedByTalkBass.com1372961033.203325.jpg
  10. Looks fantastic. I hope mine comes out as nice
  11. I removed the tolex from the cab and there is some glue residue on the cab. What is the best way to remove this?
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    Sand it.
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    I had a lot of glue on my 810 after I removed the tolex. I sanded some of it off. But I found that it was *much* easier to use a heat gun and a putty knife to remove the majority of it, then sand. YMMV,