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For Sale Reggie Hamilton Jazz P/J with U.S. Highway One Jazz Neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Cutter8, Nov 21, 2020 at 3:10 PM.

  1. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    United States
    Reggie Hamilton Jazz body (active-passive P/J) with U.S. Highway One Jazz neck in excellent condition. Great looking bass with impressive tonal range that feels and sounds fantastic. This is one of my favorites and I’d rather not let it go, but it weighs 9lbs 12oz, which is just a little to heavy for me due to spinal damage/surgeries.

    $875 shipped CONUS.

    I’m willing to ship internationally, as long as you cover the additional cost, and I have a commercial account with an international freight forwarder with excellent rates. The bass will be shipped extremely well packed in a tweed gig bag.

    Thanks for looking. :thumbsup:

    E30C5821-9A08-4B30-8D4E-3A5D0B0D6723.jpeg E5F4B51E-E5A4-459C-819B-08182791AF1C.jpeg 394ED902-16F0-457A-890A-630273AEF326.jpeg FEAB2C85-CE60-438F-9B30-554CDD9729C9.jpeg A24B41D5-EACD-4A2B-96BD-AD92F0CEF8E3.jpeg 4A7E7700-7A95-45B4-93F6-03C30D8F3373.jpeg 61BB5570-EF17-4422-9C43-5F5AA5712D04.jpeg D09123ED-FF8A-4436-9B17-7E5AE150901D.jpeg E47266F2-E0DC-404B-93DB-6CDE793FB3F8.jpeg 2148D12E-3208-48C6-96FC-3DA106EA245D.jpeg D63FB564-411A-42E9-BF22-A28AB3202AEB.jpeg 0FACB2E4-198F-4835-804E-69A54E435221.jpeg CCA6EDD6-DCA8-4A17-B47B-F27CDA8C3D61.jpeg A592220C-D5F2-4B8D-BE0D-A260A8AEF2FA.jpeg D2EF0719-228F-437F-B44C-5BDB07857052.jpeg C1C76F79-458D-4B7E-9D44-5E653AA30ECB.jpeg D4A880D2-8694-42FA-A1A0-14AEE9777229.jpeg 10457AAD-C0E6-4E82-85D7-FD97C82DB734.jpeg 80B4BAED-E0E0-400C-B6F5-18C15512A952.jpeg 0D857DB8-3F29-4935-BF9D-E08507C7178C.jpeg
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