regular bass strings on an acoustic bass?

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  1. i dont think so. friend just bought an acoustic. he told me he put a set of rotosounds on it. im not sure which gage. isnt this too much for the neck of an acoustic bass as far as tension? and wont rotosound roundwound strings eat up that fretboard?
  2. We have 8 acoustic basses in the bass section of the store I work in, and the best sounding ones in my opinion are the ones with electric strings on them. I find the phosphour bronze strings that many come from the factory with are very "clacky", both acoustically and electrically. Fret wear will be the same for both types.
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    Sep 4, 2000
    I just got a Taylor AB-2 in a trade, and it has the special bronze set for acoustic basses. They guy I got it from had installed TI Jazz Flats on it and liked it much much that he took them off when he traded it, and put them on another ABG he owns.
    I'm about to order a set now...I don't like the bronzes either.
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    Another vote against acoustic phosphor bronze strings. I can't stand them, they go dead very fast. I have a Tacoma CB-10 that came from the factory with Elixir AEB strings. They were real nice with a good, bright sound, but I did not like the slick feel or the high tension. I tried several electric bass flatwounds and settled on the Thomastik-Infeld JAzz Bass flats. They have a great sound and are perfect for AEB with their very low tension. THe thing you have to watch for with using electric strings on an AEB is the tension - if it's too high, I've heard it can damage the top of the bass. Rotosound strings are relatively higher tension strings. You could use any type of string as long as the tension was sort of low. Most string manufacturer's websites will list the tension of their strings; you can comparison shop. My vote is for the TI flats, you won't be sorry if you're looking for a warm sound.
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    I agree that most bronze strings do not sound all that good on ABGs. However, Thomastick makes an Acoustic Bass String (developed with Rick Turner) which has bronze windings over a nylon core. They are very light and flexible, last forever, and give a very warm sound. Great for getting the acousticness of an ABG or emulating an upright. I use then on several of my ABGs.
    For most of my solo work I use a Godin A4, which is a great semi-acoustic bass. On the Solo Bass Tour (Manring, Lawson, Walker and myself) I used the TI acoustic strings, but have just switched to TI Jazz rounds, as I find they contribute a unique acoustic/electric sound; a certain warmth and roundness combined with the clarity of nickel strings. Very much like the incredible ABG tone Jonas Hellborg gets with his Fishman equipped Wechter ABG and DR nickels.
    The type of PU you have in your ABG is also a determining factor in the tone (amplified tone that is), as some preamps, with either nickel or bronze strings, sound horrendously clacky. If that is the case you might want to try some tapewounds.
    But in either case I have found the TI Acoustic BAss strings to provide a great tone (amped and not) for ANY ABG.
    If flats are your ticket...definately go with the TI Jazz Flats. Due to the low tension they are "safest" for ABGs. Easy on the hands and sound great. I have a set on my Jack Casady Signature Bass, and they it sounds awesome.
    Best....Max Valentino
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    Nickel Wound Electric Bass Strings on an Acoustic Bass could work because it'll mellow out the sound, plus the tension is a bit lower which might help keep the neck from folding.
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    I had so many questions 22 years ago and so few answers. C'est la vie.