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  1. Background Facts
    - Rehearsal time historically 6:30-9:30 pm on Thursday and One practice mid-day on the weekend if no gig that weekend.
    -there is an expectation of one practice during the week, and one during the weekend if no gig.

    To keep a healthy family/band balance my availability has changed and i sent the following email this morning.

    I am asking for your thoughts and opinions. Am I being unreasonable?

    -Monday and Thursday's Soccer practice is over at 7:30 this puts me at drummers house a little before or right at 8:00 pm. Soccer is over at the end of October.
    -Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, I can leave my house @ 7:00 pm be there around 7:10 probably a little before.
    -Sat and Sunday ... same story 7:00pm
    - I cannot practice outside of these time frames. Especially on the weekends. Early weekends is where most of my "spouse discussions" were coming from. I seriously had no clue until last weekend.
    -I can practice multiple day's a week at these times, one weekend day.

    My personal practice time when not at band rehearsal is 8pm-930pm.

    It took me several discussions last week to get these time frames.

    Again ... I will come prepped and ready to play. I'll make sure my charts are completed and they actually make it to rehearsal going forward.
  2. I don't think it unreasonable. It may not fit the band, but it's not unreasonable. Temporary workaround for Thursday, then shift the practice (or your portion of) by 1/2 an hour.

    I've found that people's weekend afternoon availability shifts between summer & winter. A recent band I was in had Sunday afternoon practices in the winter but shifted to a weekday in the summer.
  3. Marko 1

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    Not unreasonable at all…

    Do you anticipate a problem?
  4. hdracer


    Feb 15, 2009
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    Yes. Some may see it as not putting enough time into the band
  5. Marko 1

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    What kind of band is this?

    Why the need to rehearse on weekends when not gigging, after having done three hours during the week… and how often does this happen?
  6. Marko 1

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    They’re apparently gigging, so why the need to get together so often?
  7. Theres no problem when being honest. If your band mates have a problem with what you've offered I'd guess they aren't very concerned with your personal life.
    My current band has been together since the mid 80s, I came in around 1995. We've never gigged very much and its been a side line affair since 1998 or so. We all had other musical commitments but found time for the trio to go out and have fun. We're getting ready to have a rehearsal in the next 3 weeks. Its a big deal and I'll cook for the occasion and we'll make a 10 hour session.
    We've NEVER rehearsed!!! We add songs on a three way call and if the gig is slow crowd wise at the beginning we hit the new tune early and if it dumps as it usually does with a heavy sheriffs stake out in a little community we work in we then play the tune again at the end.
    I guess I'm suggesting that the older you get the NEED to rehearse gets less n less important. By the time your 50 yrs old you really have no need to go to a rehearsal put some pressure to perform on everyone and go for it.
    rehearsals are for original music, covers after 50 should be done on the fly. Rehearsing makes a band get old to soon, going on the fly keeps you young and ready for a musical challenge. Now a PAID rehearsal is different deal hahahaha!!! Doc
  8. to add... every weekend i leave for a midday practice... i feel so friggin' guilty leaving the house when in my heart and gut I would rather be with my family. My wife finally sharing her feelings about the weekend rehearsals just verified what I was already feeling. I'll do an evening practice where i only miss an hour of family time but 3.5 counting travel time in the middle of a Saturday... I can't do it anymore and feel good about myself.

    I suspect a member or two to have issues. I do not see them dumping me because of this. Just some minor complaining cause this goes against what has been the norm for the band since before I joined.

    -5 piece keys, 2 guitar, drums, bass Cover band.
    -personally I don't think it's needed if everyone does their homework and we are more efficient during mid-week rehearsal.
    -Every weekend sometimes there is a non-gig exception because scheduling just doesn't work out.

    My take on the situation it's just what they've always done since they started... I joined later and i do think that prior line ups did need this amount of time together to be tight. We however do not.

    It is my opinion that we can be more efficient on our mid week rehearsal, we can all do a little better on practicing learning the tunes on our own myself included (especially recently).
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    I dont see the need to rehearse twice a week if you are in an already gigging cover band. I NEVER rehearse on weekends. We all weird schedules also so we rehearse at fron 8:30 to 10:30 or so on Tuesdays. That seems to be more than enough
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    When you’re finished putting a song together at the rehearsal, do you record it?

    That’s what we do… we meet and get our arrangement together just well enough to play it through, I record it, burn CDs for the guys, then they/we can practice to it on our own.

    Even mildly familiar with the material, a band should be able to put at least one song together per rehearsal and get a recording. Then you shouldn’t have to revisit that song at rehearsals again.

    In other words, the only time you need to get together is when putting a new song together.

    Got a laptop? Download Audacity (free), get a cheap little interface, a mic and cord, and some cheap blank CDs.

    Someone else may have a simpler/cheaper way.
  11. That is exactly it... We have live recordings. We need a clean recording from practice though. We do have a recorder pretty nice tascam one infact. Ill bring this up tomorrow. This way we can stay fresh on our own time. And not have to revisit songs we've already figured out.
  12. bassnat


    Jan 31, 2011
    Married 31 years, two grown kids, bassist 39 years currently busy with jazz band playing at least two nights a week.

    No band is more important than your family. Kids remember everything. The games you went to and the games you didn't, it's incredible.
  13. I've taken issue on this one in the past. As long as you are producing the required results, who gives a toss how much time is going into it? The fact you are "entering negotiations" with the missus and trying to balance both should speak of your commitment loudly enough !
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    When I join a band I make it clear that I don't do weekend rehearsals. I have broken the rule for exceptional circumstances, but on the whole I want to keep my weekends free (gigs notwithstanding).
  15. You gotta do what you gotta do.

    I play in multiple bands and I can only make it work by never taking on a band that has regular weekend rehearsals. So weekends are for gigs, recording or one-off rehearsals, and family.

    I've missed out on some bands because of what? If someone else has the rule that weeknights are for family and weekends are band time, there is no common ground and we can't work together.

    The only thing is, since it seems the band is a going concern and you are now changing the rules, I would suggest you say something like "I know I'm changing the rules. That can't be helped. I want to stay with the band, but if my restricted hours make it unworkable, I understand if you want to replace me". First, if that's what they are going to do anyway, it gets the issue on the table. Second, it might get them thinking "We don't want to lose this guy, how can we make this work."

    I would also communicate f2f, not via email. It allows for more feedback and clearer discussion.

    Good luck.
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Focus on how you'll still be productive,especially by recording rehearsals. Enough so you can discuss stopping the weekend rehearsals.
  17. We do absolutely everything by email. F2F has happened they were aware that i was talking to my wife before hand. This was more of a follow up to give them the results. So we could schedule this weeks practice, yesterday. So it's not a total suprise to them.

    This discussion is on the itenerary for the end of practice tonight.
  18. hdracer


    Feb 15, 2009
    Elk River, MN.
    I agree with you. I was just saying that someone in the band could have a problem with it. The band I am in is that way. A couple people are happy with "good enough" while one isn't happy unless the song is "perfect".
    Myself, I can not get a song "right" with out playing it in a band setting. I need my drummer & my vocalist to get things right.

    Bands are like a relationship, a LOT of give and take has to go into it for it to work.

    Sometimes it just doesn't work.
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    This is why so many cover bands suck.
  20. one of my band mates made a comment after a recent gig something to the effect of "we are tight because of the practice". I think we are tight because we've actually had the same lineup for 6 months now. Which I think is the longest this band has had the same members.

    I'm pretty much at the point I want to drive us to a once a week 3hr rehersal where we get things done.

    Recording the songs, distributing them the the band will save us lots of revisiting time on stuff we don't play every day.

    We can schedule a jam/hang session some other time.