Rejoining the Fender flock

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Andy Daventry, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. I found this old ('92) "A" necked MIM P bass that had been PJ'ed and was going for a reasonable (this IS Turkey) price.

    So I bought it.

    I'm going to stick a Sadowsky PJ set I have lying around on it and whip the frets out.

    Ah! The first Fender I have had for a few years. I've missed them.
  2. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    I'm glad you found a bass you liked. :)
    Anyway, I've heard a lot of things about buying Fenders in Turkey...a friend of mine bought a couple of them there for a VERY low price, and they were all vintage (65-77, If I'm correct)...
  3. It happens. A friend of mine bought a '66 P bass in reasonable nick for $300 last year...but such events are few and far between.
  4. Sadowsky

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    Nov 1, 2000
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    Hi Andy,

    Can I suggest you gently remove the frets rather than "whip them out"? ;)

  5. Hmmmm...and I suppose you think I ought to carefully mount and connect the pickups, too, instead of just 'sticking them in'.

    Actually, I am having the operation performed professionally and the slots carefully filled with layers of maple veneer.

    This will be the second bass I have had the pickups in. I have been looking for a bass for them for some time.