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    Aug 22, 2010
    The SRE400 was a "spot production" model of 100-150 bodies manufactured in 1997. They were only available for six months in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. They were meant as a prototype for the Ergodyne Series using Ibanez's man-made material called "Luthite" in an attempt to improve upon the characteristics of wood when reproducing sound. It was a complete success, and the Ergodyne Series has become one of the hottest selling around. This bass, serial number C (for Korea) 6073534, was completely disassembled, cleaned, re-wired and professionally buffed out and given a complete set-up by John Baxendale of the Colorado Guitar Company. The action is sweet, and the neck is narrow and fast, similar to that of Fender Jazz. It is in excellent condition. There are a few real road worn areas that could not be improved upon, as I've tried to capture in the photos, but nothing serious. Includes new Roto-Sound round wounds and original Ibanez gig bag. I truly believe you will not find a nicer example. This is a very special bass. There was no hard shell case made back then. There is now an Ibanez hard shell case made for a new model that will also fit the SRE400. I am asking 350.00 including shipping. THIS IS NOT A SOUNDGEAR!

    1. Luthite Body
    2. SR4 Maple Neck w/Rosewood fretboard
    3. 24 Medium Frets
    4. 34" Scale
    5. Graph Tek Nut Width is 38mm
    6. Accu-Cast Bridge
    7. Neck pickup-DXP, Dynamic P humbucking/active, ceramic magnet
    8. Bridge pickup-DXJ; Dynamic J humbucking/active, ceramic magnet
    9. EQ: EQB III, 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 1 Bass boost, 1 Mid boost, 1 Treble boost

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    Folks, I'm giving a friendly "bump" to this bass as it is a steal of a deal. I do not know the seller, but I've had an SRE400 for about 15 years now. About the only information on the web about this bass came from a post I made on another forum trying to find out the history of these basses...and a member in Australia contacted Ibanez to get the answer as no one ever heard of them or saw them in any catalogs.

    They are VERY rare, but the key here is that while they LOOK like a Soundgear bass body, they are not. The back is curved to test the Ergodyne style, and the body is luthite to test that material. The bass is very playable with a fast neck, and the electronics are nice too.

    At $250, this is a fantastic price for a very "below the radar" bass. Way better bass than most of the newer $400-500 new ones at your local music store. I would equate this to buying a Chevy Impala Super Sport for your 16-year-old to learn how to drive...looks like a basic Chevy 4-door, but has a lot more under the hood than appears.
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    Aug 22, 2010
    Thanks for the help. I would have to concur with everything you've said. I don't know why some one hasn't picked this up.
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