Remember the bus to Ohio story? The issues of tee shirt design? I quit today.

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    Mar 27, 2015
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    I might still do a BoB with the group, but I'm outtie. Too many issues and I no longer enjoy being in the band.

    I am going to start my own band, actually be the bandleader, and I have been writing and recording stuff. I want to do the vocals and will probably have to do guitar since I don't trust other guitarists anymore. It will be alternative rock, with some progressive elements. Basically, the music I would want to play as a bassist, even though I will probably not be the bassist.

    List O' Problems (I probably forgot some of them)
    • frontman had his gf do "band photos" for an upcoming BoB and they all suck; they picked a photo without me.
    • guitarists have started a volume war with their tubes and I have tinnitus and probably hearing loss from the last two practices alone.
    • they bought a friggin' gas guzzling bus and used it for a single show out in Ohio just so the frontman could impress his friends and family - luckily I didn't pay out of pocket for this. At this point I am not the only one who disagrees about this
    • I don't agree with any of the band's decisions on what to use the earnings on.
    • they are focusing too heavily on band image and I don't agree with their thoughts. I think more thought and time ought to be spent on the music instead.
    • I have problems with the vocalist's style and I think he sings off-pitch and chooses out-of-key melodies. He is not a good frontman; he is not funny or entertaining and comes across as if he is overcompensating for something.
    • The bass is mostly an afterthought and completely buried in the mix. The lead guitar is too flashy and I was competing with two 8-string guitars. They also wanted to add keys and another guitarist. Pfft.
    • The music is going in a direction that I don't like. The songs that drew me into auditioning are not played live anymore and have changed all the things I liked about it, and the newer songs are not reminiscent of the style.
    Luckily not you.
    Good luck with youre new project
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  3. The only downside is the band management forum loses its best source of entertainment.
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  4. crguti


    Feb 14, 2011
    2x8 string guitars? I assume you play some sort of metal music?
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  5. njones89


    Mar 27, 2015
    Sioux Falls
    A crappy style of metal that was too focused on droning F notes on the bottom string - yes. I don't really care for that kind of stuff. I do like Meshuggah. I want to do rock though.
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    What took you so long???
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  7. Skybone


    Jun 20, 2016
    Sounds like the best decision. Good luck in your new venture.
  8. one 8-string is enough to quit....2 jeez.

    It's like the photo without you was a visual representation of you being lost in the mix
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  9. It's no problem for the bass to cut through the mix with 8 strings if the band actually puts work into creating cohesive sound & mix.
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    First of all, don't do Battle of the Bands gigs. Pretty much always a total waste of time.
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