remembering '40s West coast pioneer Cliffie Stone

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    a top name which like so many others of past eras has been largely forgotten but in Cliffie's case he laid the groundwork for what became music history based out of my old S/E Los Angeles stomping grounds when radio was still king and commanded huge fun-starved audiences at dances and shows from Hollywood to El Monte, creating the whole music entertainment industry for that region of the country. but he was also a stand-out bassist from the doghouse school and a California contemporary of the incredible Fred Maddox who influenced half the planet for slappin' the strings and started the Rock n Roll beat during our original Great Depression. his Dad was Herman The Hermit, he helped early Capital Records become a giant in the biz, his talented pals were the likes of Tennessee Ernie Ford, Speedy West, Joe Maphis, Merle Travis, Paul Bigsby, Harold Hensley, he created iconic radio and TV shows like Hometown Jamboree and Town Hall Party, he almost single-handedly started it all in the early days in LA just like many others in Philly or NYC on the East coast. his importance is immeasurable and pretty incredible what 1 guy managed to pull off, and to enjoy a fabulous life like he did along the way is rather special. without Cliffie who knows where else music would have gone...
    Cliffie Stone LW3459 | Film-Arts | Cliffie Stone Presents 'Square Dance Promenade' LP 1959
    here's a rare listen to his casual Sunday radio show playing the best country records of the time, many of the top or up and coming artists he knew personally which made it easier to have on his future shows or involved in future endeavors. I dig the plug for a tailor's shop on Gage Ave. in Bell, right near my old home, that region was the hotbed for Western Swing as it was created.
    Cliffie Stone’s Hometown Jamboree – KXLA Pasadena –
    Cliffie Stone; Host of 'Hometown Jamboree'
    he can be forgiven for this lol

    the one, the only, Groucho!
    Cliffie Stone, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Nudie Cohn, Merle Travis
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  2. Wonderful that you brought him up. Not appreciated nearly enough. But neither are Ernie Ford, or Merle Travis these days. I tried to use the term ‘Nudie Suit’ to someone the other day - they didn’t even know what that was, much less who he was. Probably not Groucho Marx either.
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    I had no idea, thank you for sharing!
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