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Remembering Jaco

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by bassbrad, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. This being a day that music died, at least for bass players, my listening is going to be just Jaco for today. Started out with Joni Mitchell's 'Don Juan's Reckless Daughter' my favorite listen (remember the 3 sided Lp? anyone, Beuller....)
    followed by Pat Metheny's 'Bright Size Life' and
    Jaco's debut that changed the world, no really it did. I wore out 2 Lp copies and have bought it twice on CD. Enigmatic cover is on the wall.
    Then I'll trip thru the Weather Report 'Black Market' '8:30', 'Mr Gone'.........
    Pick thru the obscurities from "Portrait' 'Punk Jazz' and 'The Essential' collections.
    Perhaps one of the Tribute CDs 'Basstorius', 'Who Loves You' , Bob Mintzer's 'I remember Jaco', 'Gospel for Jaco' or even Brian Bromberg's 'Jaco'.
    So many others' Hejira, Word of Mouth, Invitation, The Birthday Concert, Pastorius/Metheny/Ditmas/Bley, Trio Of Doom, Standards Zone..............
  2. Very nice post. Thanks specifically for mentioning the Mintzer album. Wonderful stuff, and just terrific playing from Jeff Andrews.

    I just listened to '(Used to be a) Cha Cha' and next on tap is 'Liberty City.'
  3. Speaking of Don Juan's... check out this. It's an earlier version of the song Jericho followed by the album version with Jaco. Wow, what he does to the song..

  4. Still listening to Jaco stuff, today it's "Gospel for Jaco" some really tasty stuff but the absolute coolest trak is the Gil Goldstein version of "Punk Jazz" on multiple accordians, no really, WOW amazing and I can just hear Jaco busting a gut every time it's played--Play it loud, no LOUDER!
  5. whocaresnotme


    Jun 21, 2009
    Thanks for the post Bassbrad. I did need something to do today.
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