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  1. nojj

    nojj Guest

    May 20, 2013
    Hiya Folks!

    I'm looking to upgrade my live recording system.
    Currently it's a Roland VSR880, a mixer or two, condenser mics and a pile of cabling.

    What I get out of it sounds good, but aside from the bulk and piles of cabling,
    it's prone to vibration issues, has antiquated SCSI/Rbusse connectivity,
    and I have to dump all the tracks in realtime to my recording desk at home.
    (Unless I hook up a CDRW -a lengthy process- to do the Data dumps)

    I'd like to find something a little more current (and smaller).
    I'll have around $350-450USD to play with.

    USB or firewire connectivity, at least 8 track-at-once inputs,
    assignable phantom would be great, min 2 XLR inputs, quality preamp section,
    and would prefer it to work on cards. (16-32gig)
    A couple built in condensers would be handy, but not required.

    I was looking at the Zoom R16/R24, seems to be in the ball park.
    Any thoughts?
  2. DannyBob


    Aug 28, 2013
    I have a Zoom R8 as I couldn't afford the 16 or 24, and if I am honest it is one of the best things I have bought! Recording is top notch, built in effects are brilliant and no, I'm not a Zoom endorser ;)

    I usually use it for rehearsal with headphones if I can't be bothered to plug into an amp and it does this well also. Brilliant all-round piece of equipment from Zoom. I imagine the 26 or 24 would blow my 8 out the water, so my votes on one of those