removing a pre-amp

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  1. hello everyone

    i have an ibanez btb 405qm 5 string that has passive pups and an 18v active pre-amp. most of the time i have the pre-amp set completely flat (the the center dents for everything) except the volume.

    IF i were to remove the pre-amp entirely, and rewire the electronics into a more standard passive v/v/t format, would i get the same sound (ie, the same sound as if the pre-amp were set flat?)

    or would removing the pre-amp drastically alter the sound?

  2. Cadfael


    Jan 4, 2013
    Germany, EU
    I think you can answer the question best ...

    You can leave the battery cable at the jack but put off the battery ...
    De-solder (is this correct English???) your favorite pickup as well as HOT and GND from the jack.
    Solder the PU to the jack - listen...

    With a passive VVT there will be some loss of higth - but you can imagine how it will sound like without pre-amp ...