Removing a stubborn slide from a frog

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    My Finale bow needed its first rehair, and I recently had to cut the slide out of it. I couldn’t get it out in any of the obvious (to me) ways: stick it in the freezer for a while, hoping for contraction (nope); heating the frog in an oven to soften any gunk that might have gotten in (has worked before); and trying to wedge it out from behind, which has also worked, but can result in damage to the slide or frog. Nothing worked for my bow, and I had to cut out the slide and make a new one.

    I just got another bow to rehair, and the slide was stuck. Luckily I was armed with new knowledge, thanks to a couple of YouTube videos that I discovered after my debacle. The easy solution from the first video below got the slide out in a jiffy. Should have been obvious to me, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    Stubborn slide:

    Really stubborn slide:
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