removing an ebonol fingerboard

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  1. i need to remove an ebonol fingerboard, and i read an article that describes using an iron with a steam setting, but would putting a hot iron on ebonol melt it? i'm thinking it probably would, so how could i safely remove the fingerboard?
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    It's very difficult to remove a fingerbaord of any kind without ruining it. I doubt the ebanol would melt (isn't ebanol resin-impregnated birch?), but it will probably bend and scorch as you remove it.
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    Ebonol is 100 % synthetic.
    Same thing as Phenolite used on Steinberger, just a different patent.
    Different from Zon's phenowood which actually is a compound of wood and resin.

    You can try to steam it. It won't melt but I'm affraid the glue they use is not water/bone based.
  4. would it be possible to remove the fingerboard just by cutting away at the sides with a razor blade? maybe i could bend it or something to achieve the right curvature