Removing Bad Decals

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  1. I am pondering purchasing a bass that is clearly not a genuine Fender Jazz Bass. One of the previous owners put a quite-good Jazz Bass decal on the headstock. I do not want to perpetuate the fraud. So what is the best way to remove such a decal?
  2. RSBBass


    Jun 11, 2011
    Others who know more are bound to chime in. One aspect is if the decal has had finish over it. If so the finish has to be removed. At that point you may as well sand the decal off and re-finish the area. If it hasn't you may be able to just scrape it off with a sharp scraper.
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    Aug 17, 2007
    Remove the strings and tuners.
    Sand the entire headstock down to bare wood, taking the decal off in the process.
    Refinish with lacquer of your choice.
  4. Somebody suggested using a portable hair dryer to heat the area to melt the decal glue and use tweezers to try to lift the decal off. Even possible?
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    No the tweezers won't work with heat. Water may if the decal isn't well sealed under a finish though. I'd follow @RSBBass and @tangentmusic's advice and just sand it off and then redo the headstock, and I HATE sanding.
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