Removing broken/rusted screws

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    Jan 6, 2009
    So I was able to find threads about removing stripped screws and the like but my problem is a little different and I am stuck on this one...

    I was removing the bridge of my Lotus (P-Bass knockoff) and this thing was left in a damp basement so long that two of the screws had rusted completely through beneath the head and broke when I tried to remove them, even after WD40ing the hell out of them. I now have the lower 3/4's of two screws stuck in the body of my bass!

    Can anybody give me an idea for removing these so I can replace them with shiny new screws?

    Thanks a million fellas.
  2. I have heard of a method using a powerful soldering iron - I've never had to try this myself. You use the soldering iron to heat the remains of the screw till it starts to scorch the wood holding it in place. Once this has happened the screw is only held loosely so its easier to extract it.