Removing only top layer of finish: Is this possible?

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  1. I have a celebrity-owned '72 P-Bass. The celebrity had it refinished with a distinctive color and some kind of applique of the band name on the upper horn. He eventually sold the bass to some guy who had the whole thing, including the neck and headstock, refinished black. If you hold it up to the light, you can see the applique through the black finish.
    My question: Is it doable to remove the black finish without harming the celebrity's refinish underneath? If so, how? The black is a professional refin, but I'd like to see what's underneath.
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    I would take it to a professional re finisher. You should be able to get most of it off or at least very thin with very fine paper 1000-1500, and polishing compound.
  3. Thanks. Incidentally, I bought it after it was refinished black. The music store that did the black refin said it was canary yellow when the pro bassist had it.